Character influence to LD

I know that people’s character influence dreams, but it influences lucidity a bit differently I think.

In my RL I often think very crazy:
They plan to build a bridge in 3 years? 2012 is coming next year, good luck!
These fruits are awful, If I die tomorrow, I will know that there can be something worse.
I broke the glass, I hope karma is not on my parent’s side.

I often find the most inappropriate thoughts for the situation and I sometimes better keep them to myself. I never take these thoughts seriously though, but now, when I recall dreams quite better than before, I sense that my SC is doing some tricks on me in dreams. Like it doesn’t want for me to become lucid. I’ve heard that someone had a FA combo of about 20, but last time when I had a FA I’ve talked in it with my brother about dream before it and he said like: better luck next time. Oh you crazy SC :happy:

Anyone else notices their SC doing these things?

You know, when I was first getting going here I believed the same as you. I knew that my subconscious was out to keep me from dreaming, and no matter what I would always be fighting it. The thing I didn’t realize was that the SC does not actively want anything. It is there to help you out. It reminds you to perform tasks, takes over your body as you rest or zone out and does anything it can to prevent harm for you.

I had this revelation after struggling for so long, with things like DC’s actually stopping me from thinking I might be dreaming. Here is the link to the topic I posted in when my SC helped me for the very first time. I suggest you read it, it may help. It might be a tad dusty, but I think it’s still a good topic for people to read these days :content:

I guess I thought LD’s would change my life.

Now I know, that I need to change my life to have LD’s >,>

SC, peace dude XD

You change by growing and understanding. The more you know about yourself, the better. It’s not that you really need to make a big life change to be able to LD, just understand that your SC works with you based on the signals you give it. If you can understand that it’ll make your life much easier when it comes to LD’s :content:

Question about LD’s fighting habits split, sent to this topic :tardis: