Chase Dreams

I don’t remember ever having a chase dream, I must be a strange person :bored:

My chase dreams are almost always nightmarish. I havent had a lucid/chase dream, which is interesting…but anyways, the enemy ALWAYS seems to find me, despite what stealth techniques i employ. A recent example would be my being chased by a trenchcoat-cyborg through a parking lot at night. Its somewhere in that huge post in my DJ…hehehe. But basically i was observing it through the windows of a car and it saw me, then i was observing it by watching its feet under cars, it still saw me. I think i even hid behind a tire and it STILL saw me, god, that was freaky. It would have all these alarms and a voice that spoke of my physical condition. :bored:

Ive had other ones, in an old one i was hiding in shadows and i found out that the top half of my body was suddenly exposed to light and the creature (weird, bald, red pulled-taut skin like some stitched-on mask, lots of scars) found me.

Damn, lol JaRoD be glad that you dont have chase dreams. My guess is that you arent strange, that rather you dont have whatever subconscious condition (good or bad, i dunno) that would warrant such a dream.

My chase dreams are not very nice… Whenever i have this dreams, i cannot run properly! It is like i am trying to run under water, so the ones chasing me allways catch up with me…

Heh I often have the same thing, especially in my childhood nightmares. It’s strange really… as if my sub-c likes to see me tortured or killed by my opponents. Luckily I always wake up right before they can catch me.

When I have my chase dreams I usually look like a 4 or 5 year old and a friend is chasing me while I laugh. I always have fun in my chase dreams.

The only chase dreams I get is about me chasing the back end of my bus. :sad:

I like them a lot:)
They are interesting to remember, because they’re full of adventure. Everything is pretty normal in my chase dreams (the physical conditions - e.g. I can run normally, and all:)). But I know more things - I can shoot or swim better.
When I first had an LD, it was a chase dream too :content:

In a ND dream NEVER EVER “hope that someone doesn’t do or say this”, because 90% of the time, your conscious will actually make the opposite happen.

In a ND, I remember seeing this man walking by that is looking pretty creepy. At first he appears to be walking past me, minding his own business. Then I say to myself, “I hope he doesn’t turn around and come after me.”

Well, you know what happened next.

Yeah I know… But I was nonlucid, so I just acted “normally”, like irl. And my “normal” thoughts in those situations are always about hoping the enemy doesn’t show up there or there. Ofcourse the sub-c often doesn’t deal with these situations in the same way as irl…

I had 2 chase dreams tonight and they wheren’t scary :content: In the first one 3 men where chasing me but I woke up from it for some reason. In the second one people where chasing me with cars, but I did some jump/run thing and I could move just as fast as the cars and since I had a headstart I managed to get away from them :cool:

Does anyone else here notice the older you get the less frequent chase dreams/nightmares are, but when you do get them they’re usually coupled with a powerful feeling or meaning?

Heh yeh that slow running thing in a chase dream is the worst, i used to get it with 'Freddy Kruger" :cry:

My chase dreams are always fun in a way,I run from this one guy and it’s just like a horror movie,If I go lucid I become the man chasing him :grin:

Reminds me of my dream this morning, a man had a huge dog on a leash. I was laying down and the dog was snffing me . the man says,“If you’re scared, then my dog will bite you!” So I seriously had to control my thoughts and not be scared, don’t think of the dog biting me. I could feel the dog waiting for me to send a fear signal out, so it could bite me.

In my chased dreams, I do enjoy the excitment of the adventure, but right when I feel fear, I suddenly can’t run, like what Tomas wrote, it’s like running in water, then the chaser catches up and I wake up all stressed. :bored:

Wow man that is a precarious situation. It says a lot about yourself when you can control your thoughts like that. Way to go!

I had a similar topic in 2002…[url]Prob with keeping/having lucid dreams...] was first bout some dreams, but few posts contained chase stuff, lol sry for link, thought it was more on topic when I first looked for it. Anyways, yeah I love these dreams, such a rush, probly was the most intense, heart pounding dreams I’d ever had (before sex dreams of course :grin: )

I mostly only remember dreams that makes me react strongly in some way, so most of the chase dreams I remember are the really intense nightmares were I feel “pain” (very different from RL pain, but just as horrible) extremely strongly.

That always happens in the end of the chase dreams, when the person/monster that hunts me catches me and “kills” me. I always remember the end of those dreams in pretty good detail.

The last time I had one of those was about a month before I found this site, and didn’t know about lucid dreaming, so I didn’t even think of affecting the nightmares, even thought I always realized that I was dreaming during really intense nightmares.

A couple of years ago however I remember “escaping” from nightmares by closing my eyes for a while. I always told the person/monster that hurted me in the dream to wait for a few seconds, and most of the times he/she/it did, and then I closed my eyes and woke up after a little while.

I remember fragments of chase dreams that were just exciting. in those I always got away, and I remember “rewinding” the dreams a little sometimes when I nearly got hurt and/or killed.

for those of you who have had running problems in dreams, (in the way of struggling to run , stummbling, etc etc)…
i use to have this problem, i couldnt run for crap in my dreams,
in this one dream i was bieng chased by a dog and i was falling all over the place, then in an effort to keep an eye on the dog to see how close he was to me while i was trying to run, i discovered that running backwards was easier for me…
Try running backwards in your next chase dream it might work for you too.
Now i dont run at all in dreams i just fly or hover,
the only problem i have in dreams is when im trying to physicaly hit someone, i cant fight for Sh*t in my dreams,
but im pretty good at mentaly destroying just about any DC…

Do you mean turning around and running backwards = moving forwards? :tongue:

Or running backwards into your horrible fear… oh my god that lion dream I once had.

Imagine that you’re sitting over a table with your family, and everybody’s laughing but they’re turning a bit nervous and you get passed a note…

“There’s a lion under the table.” (and something about acting normal anyway)

Suddenly you feel hot breath on your leg…

Anyway. I’ll stop now. It was nasty.

ya, turn around and run backwards, i have no idea why this has workt for me but it workt instantly, i faced the dogs and ran from them backwards…

When ever i am being chased i can not run, its like im in slow motion. If they catch me my punch is as fierce as a 5 year old kids and as slow as a 100 year old women. Its so frustrating.

I have not been chased in lucid dreams. I have chased one guy in a lucid dream flying fastly behind him but he went deep into a dark forest so i chickened out and flew away.

I have not ever had to destroy an aggressive dream character. Not sure how i would handle it.

Peace Sensi.