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One cup of soda before bed, if attempting WILD directly when going to sleep, will help keep mental alertness but won’t keep your body awake.

The soda has helped me alot. Lets me clear my mind without worrying about falling asleep. That way my body falls asleep faster. Oh and thanks for the link Chilla.

Damn! It’s a shame I don’t like soda…

What has making a video clip of Telekinesis IRL to do with telekinesis in an LD?

I never said it was dream telekinesis…

You don’t like soda?! O.o
Well, I guess it’s a good thing. I’ve gotten insomnia the last few night cause I drank too much hehe…

Tip: Tips provide good information on general topics. They are never too specific nor never to broad. Be careful of the tips you take for the tips could be tricks in deception… excluding this one of course! :tongue:

Lucid Dream Variation:

PWILDing (Passage or Poem WILDing)

I’ve had some problems with meditating and WILD attempts lately, and it’s always been because the counting was too easy for my head, I.E. I didn’t have to think or concentrate hard enough to carry it out, so I would eventually e thinking about the random pre sleep thoughts while still counting. The counting is still there, be it’s too overshadowed by the thoughts to be of any use. So, I thought, why not recite something in your head that could serve as a mantra, but was much longer than the single numbers. Something like a poem, or a passage.

I personally recommend this passage: clicknotes.com/romeo/T11.html

Not the whole thing, just the prince from 1.1.81 — 1.1.103

It’s starts with: Reellious subjects, enemies to peace.

I also rcommed Fire and Ice by Robert Frost.

Some say the world will end in fire;
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To know that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.

/EDIT/ I made this a technique variation because I tried it a few nights ago and I stayed focused much longer than usual.

I came up with this idea for WBTB. When people try WILDing they
try to focus on breathing or counting or just staying consciouss or something else. But I accidently figured out another way to focus not drifting unconscious.

When you are WILDing in after WBTB do some MILD mantras and cross your pointer and index fingers. You can feel your fingers crossed but you are not moving or anything. Just focus on the sensation what your crossed fingers make and that way you should keep your concious easier. I haven’t tested this yet coz last night I was so damn sleep ( too much sleep deprivation) but tonight I’ll try this again.

This is similiar to suneye but with this you don’t have to strain your eyes just focus on the 2 fingers and the feeling you get from them being crossed. And with crossing them I mean putting your index finger on top of pointer finger. And like the head of index finger will be on the middle of pointer finger so you get the feeling.

You know, the index and pointer finger are the same finger…If you mean the index and middle finger though, then I can see what you mean. Your hand is still flopped and relaxed, but the sensation of the crossed fingers is much stronger and easier to focus on than just a flopped hand with spread fingers.

That’s a very good Idea, thank you. Do you have a name for he variation?

Chilla Tip #4:

Let’s say you use Chilla Tip #2, and go with different techniques for two-three week cycles. I’d think it’s a good idea to give yourself a week long break between techniques.

(each WILD represents a day. DER)

And when I say nothing, I mean nothing. Don’t give LDing one single thought. Just continue to use your Dream Journal.

Bogus site if you ask me, I only looked up their Aura stuff to know what kind of info they give: Look at the person, for half a minute, against a bright background.

The “Aura” you’ll see is just a slightly smeared version of the image being “burnt” in your eyes. I don’t imply here that TK and such are impossible, but I wouldn’t use a site like this for research.


Actually, you should try it yourself a few times, you’ll see that the color you see that’s around the person will be different when the person is happy rather than sad or in pain.

:eh: :confused: :eh:

Do I need to say any more?

Merkaba, otherwise know as either the:

A. Conscious Body/Physical Body
B. Subconscious Body/Dream body
C. Superconscious Body/ Astral Body.

Or at least that’s what I use the term as…It may just be the astral body…

I don’t have any problem with that, I only included the first sentence so that the quote isn’t entirely out of context.
However, when someone talks about going into another dimension, it is just techbabble IMO.
To clarify again, I don’t criticise any beliefs here, only the credibility of the site you pointed out. Also, this is just my 2c, and I have no way to proof my point of view, so I’ll stop this offtopic posting now. :wink:

However, when someone talks about going into another dimension, it is just techbabble IMO.

I prefer travellng to a different ‘plane’ or ‘verse’ myself.

Anyway, just what in that quote is reason to question the site’s credibility?

I guess the problem here is that we both approach the material from different angles. The site is more religious in nature than scientific, and maybe this is what you and others are looking for. This whole matter is about personal points of view as well as beliefs and is unlikely to be settled by discussion.
I don’t want to launch into a “religious” war that can lead only to wasted time and frustration on both sides, so let’s just say I viewed Wingmakers in the wrong context and conclude this argument in your favour.

swallows original answer


I think it’s somewhere in between science and religion.

Science can’t prove it, But it’s not so much based on religion or pure belief.


Anyway, on anothr note, PWILDing has kept me very focused again. Unfortunately, my dad walked in and ‘woke me up’.

Hey chilla, should I write a page or so for those interested in TK? I know a lot about it.

Well someone asked me to do it, so here it is!

A WORD TO SKEPTICS-don’t read.

I heard all of your rants, and I simply don’t care about them, please if you disagree with tk, and or don’t believe in it, by all due respect let us know! But don’t argue with someone! We are all ignorant to the human mind.

Now telekinesis, to start, is not for the impatient, oh gods know. If you are anything impatient stop reading! Because what I’ve found out over the years of doing Telekineses is it takes a ton of practice, and patience.

Now, I will post the main rules in starting telekinises.

  1. You must be committed to practicing once a week
  2. You must control your thoughts
  3. You must believe it’s real, other wise it ain’t going to happen.
  4. The final rule, if it feels right, just do it.

The last rule does sound strange, but what I’m talking about is pressure. Once you start doing Tk, and you actually can move something, you have pressure in your head. It may not be real or it maybe, but you can feel it. If it feels effective, do it. Because it probably is.

Now about the practice of telekenises, it took me one day to move something, but that is considered excellent. The average person takes 1 to 4 weeks to move a pinwheel.
That may discourage one, but like I said, its all about the patience.

Now some are asking what telekenises is. Well no one knows, but there is scientific reasons, and “RUMORS!” rumors are it’s the devils work, god’s work, or any other spiritual thing. It’s nothing of the sort! Tk, I believe, is the controlling of the earth magnetic signals via mind. Yes that’s correct, I believe that our minds are making a “bulge” of the magnetic fields of every day life.

Psi balls, or balls of your Psi is an example. I myself light my hand up to read at night, and what I believe it is, is the electricity of our bodies going to one spot. When you use tk, you have that feeling too, that is the magnetic atoms collecting in one place, and when you use that pressure in your mind, it moves.

Anyways. The bell is about to ring, if you have questions ask, but I’ve got exams to do! Sorry it’s so short. But I will add on…

I don’t think telekinesis is anything magnetic.

By the way, you post had almost nothing to do with how one would go about doing telekinesis…