Close Encounters With Lucid Dreaming?

Hi, I havnt had a LD yet but I feel like Ive come pretty close. One dream I had(mentioned in little detail in the welcome thread,) I was floating or walking (?) down the side of many book shelves to my left, then I stopped and just decided to think of something to be there when I turned into the isle I stopped before (porno mags xD,) they were there.

The two others I had were like this. One, two dark mysterious figures w/hats came before me in the midst of what seemed to me a spiraling vortex that over layered the dream land I was in before this. Anyways I focused on the guy on the right and then root-like appendages coiled around him and flung him into another vortex to the right (this almost seemed like a test of lucidity.) Lastly me and annoynomous others were locked in a room guarded by some kind of futuristic terrorists. Eventually the door was opened, I didnt leave right away because I was distracted by the fact that one of the terrorists that was pulling us out told me (it was him or my inner-self, that remains blurry) none of this is real and I could have escaped if I wanted. Then a nuts looking gun was in my hands when I looked down ( like an Unreal Tournoment gun.)The dream continued…

Even with these hints I thought nothing of it (layer zero?) and the dreams continued, but does this sound close to anyone? If so whats the next step I take to become lucid at one of these moments. Thx

some people say powers and really weird stuff in non-lucid dreams are “closer” to lucid dreams than… dreams without these things. :tongue:

What I usually do is RC everytime I see something weird or whenever someone mentions dreams. I’m nost sure if I’ve had many results but it should help at least a bit :content:

Mourningstarr, this kind of thing happens. Tonight I dreamt of being alone in a party, I wanted some company and then I thought “heck, this is a dream, I’ll just approach anyone and start a conversation”. Believe me or not, it wasn’t enought to get me truly lucid. :eh:

So don’t worry, you’ll have a great many of these in your lucid quest (take a look at this topic)! The next step, I’d say, is to keep having dreams like these, and always be trying to pay closer attention while focusing on the intent of becoming lucid.

Thank you both. And mattias Ill try that technique although Im still trying to spontaniously RC instead of thinking about it even half a second before doing it…which is how I heard its sopposed to be done.

Where did you hear that? :eh: You’re supposed to think while doing the RC, otherwise it’s just an empty action. I’ve done many nose RC’s without agetting lucid because I didn’t pay attention to what I was doing…

I think the spontaneous thing is just so you remember randomly during the day “oh, time to do a RC!”…

Or did I misunderstand you? :shy: (which is always very likely)

Oh,I gathered wrong information then. thats ok though because I have infact been thinking when I RC…although sometimes I feel like what I try to think of might not be relevant to getting closer to lucidity. eg. I think “is this my hand? I see all the right patterns this must be real” or looking around I would think “is this stuff I see familiar?”

is this ok to continue doing? what do you think of in a RC?

That sounds pretty good :smile: I do the nose RC most of the time. I take a deep breath through my nose and focus on the feeling of the air passing. Then I pinch my nose and try to expect the same thing to happen when I breathe in again. Sometimes I don’t pay enough attention and I simply can’t breathe or I can and go on with the dream, without lucidity :shy:

There’s a bit of practice with RC’s, to see what works best for you. But, yeah, the critical mind is the most important part, so simply looking around and thinking if things fit is very good :smile: