Colour symbolism in dreams

I have been archiving my old dreams lately, and while doing that, discovered an interesting pattern. My dreams are usually in full colour, but I don’t always make a point of recording the colours of things. When I do, it must mean that the colour is standing out in some way. There seems to be a clear pattern to the colours in many of the records.

Red is often associated with erotic or sensual dreams. Often when I point out that something is red, there is more to the dream which isn’t pointed here. The classic example is driving a red car into the forest to get some privacy.

Yellow usually marks an object as mine. Things I already own are usually yellow. There is an exception: The local football team plays in yellow, so yellow means football especially from 2004-2010. The most typical dream here is when I find my old, yellow boat.

Green is often something I want. It can be something I shop for or am making. Green objects are usually completely OK to take without any bad conscience. The most common green dream is the one where I make a costume for myself.

Blue objects can be something I admire and long for, but can’t get. It can be magical objects that wouldn’t work unless they were in the right place, or with the right person. Sometimes it is things I haven’t learned or explored yet. Blue light from the sky is also associated with the “magical” mood at the start of a LD. The classic example here is finding a glowing blue flower at night.

Purple has two distinct meanings through my DJ. Something purple can be from another world, or it can be from a very sad dream. Typical examples are purple sunrises on alien planets, and purple flowers for funerals.

I hadn’t expected the patterns to be this clear. This makes me want to be more conscious about recording the colours from dreams.

Have you noticed similar patterns in your dreams?

interesting! i havent noticed anything like this in my dream but now i want to start paying more attention to color to find out.

That’s really cool, I haven’t paid attention or noticed anything myself. I did dream of this topic last night though: I narrated a dream asking for interpretation, and someone pointed out that the blue in my dream stood for something transcendental, which was equivalent to something I wanted. I didn’t realize that until he pointed it out, and I saw that he was right. I don’t remember what the blue in my dream dream was though.

Many of my dreams are in black and white, sepia-tinted black and white, or a reduced colour where there is blue and yellow but no red or green.

One possible symbolic use of colour is that magical things are often blue in the scenes that have a blue/yellow reduced colour palette. The ceramic vase I drew a sketch of for NDC 13 was light blue.