Combining HI and visualisation to WILD

Last night, while falling asleep, I discovered a new way to wild. :cool: There was some noise from another apartment which made it a little difficult to fall asleep, so I could watch a long series of HI. There was a quite stable image of my aquarium and fish swimming back and forth. Instead of changing the scene or trying to focus on it in the usual way, I started to imagine standing in front of the aquarium instead. I imagined what it looked, sounded and felt like. Soon, I got a nice image of my apartment and aquarium…and a female DC standing next to me! Unfortunately, noise from the neighbours woke me up.

Later, the same thing happened with HI of the flower shop. I imagined standing behind the counter, and the visualised scene merged with the HI to create an almost-stable dream scene. It was too bad that didn’t last, either.

It looks like the combination of conscious visualisation and subconscious HI images makes it easier to wild! i am eager to try this again tonight. I wonder if this could be helpful for others too?

You say you imagined yourself standing on front of an object so vividly that your senses actually became aware of yourself in front of the object?

That sounds alot more like an Astral Projection than a lucid dream.

Yes, the scene I imagined blended with the HI to create a dream scene. I got a LD this way this morning, will post it soon.

So you just need to get HI to be able to WILD then :cool:
I used to be able to WILD every time I got HI, but not anymore :cry:

It needs a fairly stable and long HI, or one that keeps coming back! I wonder if this could be used to get computer game dreams after playing a game a lot?

Haven’t really tried this method myself… usually I just let myself flow with the HI without visualizing anything… it’s more like the “zooming in” technique. But your method really sounds reasonable and logical. I’ll definitely try it out once I’m in the right position :smile:

A possible problem is that you need a fairly stable and long HI. I’m wondering whether everybody has such HI?.. :bored:

I used it with WBTB today and got several short and unstable dreams. Even if the HI scenes aren’t long, it can still be used if there is a recurring pattern in it, for example work or scenes from a computer game. HI is very different from night to night and from person to person , it depends among other things on how sleepy we are, I think.

I had a similar experience to this just a while ago. I’m not sure if too many naps will disrupt my sleeping pattern but I have a big event for this evening so I tried to catch up on sleep that I’ll lose with naps. Well about the HI that I got. I often lose them when I begin to think of something else and then when I realize the HI I try to revisualize it and imagine it happening with me in it as well. But this was after I woke up using a relaxing method that keeps making me wake up an hour later… now my arms are falling asleep. o.O

have you tried to stay with the HI and refuse to leave your body? i think that would be interesting.

actually once you have really stable HI it’s not generally a problem to get into a dream at all, you just have to wait patiently.

i myself require a lot of effort to get to the hypnagogic state at all.

Hmm, I often combine visualization and HI. If I’m having HI of, say, an arrow flying around, I then suggest that I am on the back of that arrow, and then add in other things such as someone next to me, and then have them start talking so that the auditory HH will start, and then continue until every aspect of a dream is covered.

I like to think of it as Lucid HI. Then again, I’m relatively new to LDing so I havn’t much experience to back this up.