Come and help a beginner

Hi all :smile: I could seriously use some help here.

I have no idea what way I should try to LD. I can recall my dreams, but that is as far as I get. I have tried to go to bed, and stay focused and thinking that I’m dreaming. But if I keep thinkning, I can’t sleep! So it always ends in me stopping thinking (even if I try) and falling asleep. I even tried WBTB, but I was so tired so I counted - One two - Im dreaming, but I just stopped thinking after a while and falled asleep. :tongue:

I’m planning to try WILD but I’m pretty sure that I’m gonna stop think and fall asleep again. Help?

Oh, and one thing. Once you get an LD - how realistic is it? Because, if it is like dreaming, I’m not too impressed. They don’t feel very realistic.

Oh, and pardon me for using bad english.

Perhaps this could help :smile:

I have similar problems with my mind wandering off and falling asleep. I usualy try RC’s all day and then MILD/Autosuggestion helps alot. Also if you click the smilies in my signature, there’s a link to my technique :content:

As far as the reality. It will vary. Sometimes its very realistic and vivid, others its similar to a dream. From people I’ve talked to, it seems that normaly the first LD has a bit of a ND feeling, but like I said, it varies.

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For more help on choosing a technnique check this out.

Hmm…For WILD the key is relaxation. Try a relaxation excersie before you go to sleep. Try not to get excited, just keep telling yourself to calm down. Another thing that worked for me: count as you breath. It helps to calm you down. When doing WILD just relax and you will slowly reach there…if something in WILD happens to you…such as vivid HH don’t think “I’m Close”!! Just keep going. You will understand once you’ve attempted WILD a lot.

For most of my LD’s…it is really realistic! more than once…i have done a RC and still didn’t beleive i am dreaming because it is just too real! good Luck Elias. :content:

Thanks, I’tt introduce myself.

wissam: Yeah, but if I relax once trying to do a WILD, I’ll just stop counting and fall asleep :tongue:

Ysim: Thanks, I’ll read it.

For one, keep in mind that it can take months to really master WILD, so you really have to work hard at it. I’ve never succeeded, and I’ve lost interest a while ago. Without it, I can still manage to LD every now and then. In my case, what works for me is just letting it happen naturally; that is, in Dream Induced Lucid Dreams.

Oh, and don’t forget to do your reality checks! :grin: One thing that you should get into the habit of is questioning whether or not your dreaming very often during waking life. Eventually, you’ll get into the habit of it, and you may just question this while you’re dreaming.

Another method is meditation; those who meditate regularly can tend to have lucid dreams more often than non - meditators. Even I have noticed this from personal experience. At times when I have meditated often, lucid dreams occur very frequently for me - at about two or three times a week. Lately, I haven’t been meditating so much, and guess what? Not much!

If you want any information on meditation, I’m sorry to do this, but I’ll be the second person advertizing a link in a signature. :roll: Mine is in the line that reads, “Concentration enriches life, while distraction dilutes life. :om:

It leads to a post that contains more information.

Okay, I’ll try MILD or WBTB instead then. And RCs. But I can’t remember to do RCs! :content:

The methods have been pretty well covered by other posters in this thread. But about realism:

Realism in most dreams is actually very, very good. But you don’t usually go through real life thinking “Wow, this experience is so realistic!”, right? Same goes for normal dreams. Your brain assumes the experience is real and therefore doesn’t appreciate just how realistic it is. Then you wake up and your memory fades–and from that point on, the dream doesn’t seem as vivid.

However, if you become lucid, you’ll look around and realize that this INCREDIBLY realistic experience is being generated by your own brain. The level of detail you’ll experience is amazing. The more you try to experience, the more your brain keeps creating. While you’re in it, a dream is virtually indistinguishable from reality. But you have to be lucid to appreciate how realistic it is.

Wow, that sounds real cool. How realistic was your most realistic LD? :tongue: