Hey guise.
I had a really good LD period last summer, and I have always had spontaneous ld’s from time to time. But now it is all lost, I can’t remember the last time I had an ld. :meh: I myself suspect that it is a result from me having a really shit year in college ( lots of work, lack of sleep, ALOT of stress ) that has been affecting my life overall. My sleeping pattern is really messed up, during a week I sleep somewhere around 4-5 hours a night, maybe 7 or 8 on the weekends. I simply haven’t had time to record dreams etc. Even when I occasionally attempt WILD’s I just can’t get into the same feeling as before, I feel really stressed inside.

So I was basicaly wondering if you guys have any tips on how I should get back into this, I somehow feel that being able to relax and sleep trough the nights, and even have ld’s might help the stress a bit. I have also been quite interested in learning to meditate lately, maybe one of you got any good tips where to start? Any guides to look at?


// Kris

Hello ! I am also interested in a guide to meditate :smile:
I’d also like to know if there is a detailed topic on this forum about REM, so that I could calculate how to make attempts at WBTB when I have a short night or no time in the morning (I’ll right my first experience in my DJ today :smile: )

I don’t have good advice for LD, but for the stress, I can tell you to force yourself to plan things : I you take the time to plan what you want to do, and include (write down) a place for a good sleep and meditation or WILD, LD, WBTB attempts, then it will surely work at one time or another because you will think about it since you have written it down.
The only thing is (and I know it for sure right now) to never be discouraged if you don’t LD when you planned to. You must always act like it’s ok, that you’ll keep doing what you can to have it the next night.

Nobody wants to see you adding frustration to your stress :tongue:

Myself, I listened to the course held by Gil Fronsdal, named “introduction to meditation”, you can get the audio files and PDF transcripts in the audiodharma site.

For something quicker, and more dream-related (passing through LL) the Lucidipedia video on meditation part 1 and part 2 are very enlightening.

Good luck on your quest. :smile:

Yes! this is very very important. Frustration is the number one LD killer! Sometimes it’s really hard not to get frustrated, but it’s completely worth it to put in as much effort as you can to take it easy. Like when people try too hard to get a LD and don’t get one.

I saw someone compare it once to playing a flute (I can’t remember who it was :sad: ), if you blow harder you won’t play better, you’ll just get more tired and frustrated! You have to practice lightly but “firmly”. So it’s like there’s a right way and a wrong way to dedicate yourself to LD’ing :tongue:

EDIT: what I used to do is I would write in my DJ every day after my dreams the highlights of that night. I FORCED myself to write at least one thing, even if it was lame. It really helps the motivation. Sometimes I’d write things like “OMG awesome LD!!” and other times just “only one ND, but vivid moment at one point”, etc.

About meditation, I really believe it helps, specially in case of stress. I’ve wondered if it were possible to get to the end of the day and tell yourself to drop any worries and frustrations into an imaginary box and get them back when you wake up. But it’s hard to convince the conscious mind to let it go. :sad: Meditation sure helps you get more control over the inner chatter that keeps you up at night :wink:

You might want to take a look at the how do YOU meditate? topic and The BIG meditation as a LD aid topic.

and don’t worry if you can’t clear your mind and enter a state of total bliss. it takes some time for that, but that doesn’t mean it’s useless to start practicing! :happy:

Thanks alot guys!
Three very constructive and good replies in no time, I love this community! ^^
I will take a look at your links and consider your tips. Got the day off tomorrow so I think I will use the night and morning wisely. :wink:

lol I didn’t see Tosxychors post, :tongue:

Anyway, I’ll also take a look at the lucidipedia vids, I saw them a long time ago and wasn’t into meditation yet!

And good luck to you Todey :cool:

EDIT: those Lucidipedia videos are very very very very great! :woo: