Competition Rankings for April

Well, I was. So there. :razz:

EDIT: Had another one last night. That makes ten for me!

1 in April so far :neutral:

Sorry to hear that Lucid_Viking, hope you recover fast :smile: Thanks Basilus (hope I spelt your name right this time lol) and Jarod (too busy with oblivion? :grin: lol)

Alrighty 2 amazing LD’s this morning totalling 15 for this month :content:

4 total. =]



Ditto! YAY, my first one too! :content:

One more, total of two.

3 last night which brings my total to 13. Will post later.

EDIT: Posted. So nyeh. I guess.

I had 1 this morning… And I’m actually not busy with oblivion :tongue:

I’m too busy to play oblivion right now :wink:

Yay! I got 2 LD’s in one night! :happy:
3 in total for April

yay well done That_Matt_Boi :smile:

Oh one more lucud this morning, totalling 16 for this month :content:

One more while napping, that makes 4 in total

Finaly, 1 last night. Which makes my total for April…
drum roll

1! :neutral:

I think I’ll join the competeition this month…so far…0 LDs :content:

+2 makes 15 for me. Will post later (again).

EDIT: Posted.

EDIT2: Had another one last night. I think I can just edit my previous post.

Had 2 last night making a total of 5 for this month.

Meh, LD’s haven’t been a real priority for me this month.

2 more for this month :smile: totaling 18 overall :content:

At last, I got one :smile:

5 till now!

2 at Friday, 2 last night.

one last week.

One more. 2 in total.