Competition Rankings for April

I got 3!

1 sad one two nights ago so 4 now.

1 more…odd…one on wednesday.

5 total

+2 over last few days = 4.5

.5 last night. 4.5 now.

/me kisses WBTB :content:

I got a LD
Doing it the Hard Way

.5 OK, Im dont know whats going on here, but this is all the LDs I have squeezed out of April so far. Im not one of those LDers who only have one a month. I know, Im better then this, but Im not giving up this month counts as a practice round for me.

Yes, high five. Ive got it back. I had two long, and enteresting LDs lastnight. 2.5, Im ready for the team competition if were still doing it.

I really want to do the team contest too. I already know what one of the rules would be.
If you’ve won the competition before, you’re not allowed being paired up with someone else who has too. Just to keep the teams fair. I’m just wondering how many would be on each team.

lol :grin:

also, couldn’t these hurt having LDs since you might be over competitive and might not be able to get an LD? :wink:

Not if you don’t expect to be :tongue:

I see it as a little friendly competition…I also do better in everything when I’m in competition :razz:

Yeah, the first time I tried the competition, I won. (First month using the techniques too.) Competition gives you something to aim for.

Anyway, one last night giving me 5.5 in total.

3 total

2 more .5’s some how loosely cause by a research paper. :tongue: Yes, it was THAT boring.

6 total

/me does his happy dance!

Man, Ysim, you’re always slightly ahead of me! :tongue:

Hehehe, yes I shall always be one step ahead of you. :ebil:

Well, at least for this month, while I’ve got my competitive edge :tongue:

i had 18 thousand LDs yesterday, in one REM cycle

But i don’t remember any of them, so i guess i can’t count them


4 total, im on a roll!!!

Nya ha ha. Another last night! Now I’m ahead of you! :ebil:

And I completed the Quest!

OK Since what is your secreat? How do you get 27 LDs?