Competition Rankings for August

So far, I have a measly 1 LD, but it happened to be my most vivid one yet. So YEAH! I think I had more in August so far, just…don’t remember em.

3… although my last 2 were short and resulted in FA’s… but hey they were LD’s . . . :cool_laugh:

One here so far. :neutral:

haven’t seen you for a while sage, glad to see you back! :smile:

Thanks. Regardless of how much stuff Life throws at you, you can’t leave LDing for long. :smile:

I had two more lst night. Thats Three total. I only statred In august too LOL. :content:

I’m in next month, for sure.
and blacklights are special lightbulbs you can buy at any headshop that emit UV light. they illuminate the room but it’s still dark - very odd effect, but fun. wear a white shirt and smile in a mirror. be prepared to vacuum if you’re compulsive about neatness (every fleck of dust you didn’t know was there will glow like a little ember)

I know what black lights are, but what is black lighting - and how is it used to increase LDs. :eh:

Err sorry again, two day trip away, I had another LD on it too :smile:

Ooo… so that’s why people keep track of LDs in their signatures. I didn’t know there actually was a ranking :happy:

So far, I think I’ve had 5 LDs in my whole life… about 15 to 30 WILDs resulting in normal sleep after a while (actually, I really wouldn’t know how many, since I never knew they were WILDs and never bothered to count)… and about 6 FA’s. However, I’ve accomplished absolutely nothing in August except dreaming about LD without being it, or low-level LDs (being able to do things like flying and levitating without being fully lucid).

Yes. I was just wondering about. Can I join next month. Please. Even if I don’t have any LD’s it will give me a reason to have them expecialy. Though I must warn, I always loose in competions. I’m prone to this.

We should make the prize clearning up the whole Forum. :content:

Technodreamer :cool:

Join this month! Its not an exclusive thing :wink:

Just tell me how many LD’s youve had. If any.

Im at 4 in august but im about to have another next night… :happy:

uhhh. Who were you speeking to m2k961. You said:

Notice in my post I said “Can I join next month”

Just wondering. August has been prety lousy for me. I litraly, have accomplished nothing. No WILD. No MILD. With all the dream recall I’m getting you would expect me to do better.

Technodreamer :cool:

I’ve been on four since Wednesday. I demand to be moved up a place.

Sign me up!
So far, I’ve had 0 LDs. Still, I think these rankings will keep me a bit more motivated at LDing

Yay, I’m on the list! :content:

Now I had better have an LD sometime soon! pokes her brain You hear that!? :tongue:

Alright people from now until the end of August I have no more trips, so I’ll be keeping it to date. Is there anything I missed so far?

Technodreamer: Oh, ok, I thought you meant “Can I join next month” meaning you thought this month was closed off to people. Yes, you can join next month.

Well I can’t join this month, I’ll be the only one in the 0 LD category! This months been lousy. But I’m sticking to MILD now.

This month wasn’t closed off to people? I though that you would have to have kept a record of you LD’s. I suppose you could go through you’re dream diary for the WHOLE month. Mines prety big, as I can now recall ver well.

We ought have other competitions as well, for example, I managed to recall 7 dreams on one morning when I awoke. This will not only help people aim for LDs, it will help people aim for dream recall. Tell me what you think?

Technodreamer :cool:

Bump me up one, I just had my first LD :cool: