Competition Rankings for December

+3 so total of 8.

Forgot to mention my one from yesterday, so 5.

i had one! it was long and good! it makes 3 total in december

+1 so total of 9

Well, I guess I’ll join too.

2 lucids. (1 meta-lucid though) so far…

Another, so 6. :grin:

I had one this morning…so my total is…ONE :grin:

3 yesterday… :grin:

Ok, I’ll join for fun; 2 for me

+4 so 13.

I had my 3rd LD for this month. It was pretty short one, so i will write it down with my next LD what will happen hopefully soon :content:

Fourth this month.

+1 LD. :smile:

Fifth this month! :cool_laugh: :cool:

/me had another one.

But the level of lucidity was so low I am counting it as 0.5.

Haha :ebil: , being in New Zealand I have the chance of having the first LD of the new year. I better make the most of it. That and I don’t plan on staying up late :smile:

lol /me wishes Inch good luck! …

…+1 … 7 in total for December … last LD for me for 2005 :content:

1 more… :smile:

Finally found some time to update :content:

I ended up on 5 :cool:

I had three more on the 30th.