Competition Rankings for February

3 so far :content:

1 LD for february now

2 more !! :grin:

i got 2, ive never had so many in a month.

Hey, nice personal best. I think that is what this topic is best for. Providing motivation for people to achieve like ujytre has.

I had one this morning! I’ll post in a day or two, when work isn’t this busy…It makes 3 in total.

I have 3 LD

2 more this morning … and loads of little mini ones … I keep getting fooled by loads of False awakenings lately! grrrr…

but 5 in total for this month :happy:

1 more… :content:

Was lucid in 4 dreams this morning, but 2 of them where so short that I’ll count those as 1. So +3 for me :grin:

none so far but hopefully some are on their way(finally)

Had the FIRST one this month half an hour ago…

I hope ths will get better :wink:

Woohoo, another one just a few minutes ago during a nap. :cool_laugh:

That is 5 this month…

im gunna start coming back again, im getting that lucid spark again, but ive been out for so long, that i havent really been having LDs.

however i did have one 2 nights ago, after liek 4 months, i was nice :smile:

its the oddest thing how r3tro and I have the urge at like the same time lol. Im bad now though, been out of practice for to long

had 1 accidental WILD friday, so 1 this month

I had a SP last night, which i partly converted into an LD, I was lucid but in the third person view, so i count it as 0.5 :content:

Welcome back Freecube and R3TRO :cool: I’ve missed you both… So you both have been on a LD break lately?

oh wow heck yes, probably since liek october, maybe even september, i mean ive had a few, but i kinda lost intrest for a while, like the challange aspect of it was gone, but i back and ready now

:peek: wow the LD masters R3TRO and freecube are back! …

wow … I don’t think I’ve had so many LD’s in one day :eh: 9 last night :eh:

making 14 for this month :happy: