Competition Rankings for July

Yuss! One WILD this morning with HH of taste… That leaves sense of smell…


Wow, I think you’re the only one on the forum who’s had HH of taste.

Anyway, I had SP for the first time but remained calm. It was wierd not being able to move… and… so many voices!

Ohwell, had a lucid moment after that so that’s .5 making 8.5 for July.

Put me in for 1 LD. :smile:

I had one this morning! :cool:

.5 last night gets me to 3.

I’m a bit confused as to how some of you are counting fractions of lucid dreams and combining them to make a whole lucid dream?

Are you talking about tacit lucidity when you give yourself a .5 or is it just a really breif moment of lucidity? And how long does a lucid dream have to last before you count it as “1”?

Just wondering how all that is working…

Anyways, 3 Lucid Dreams for me so far this month.

[edit] Make that 5!

[edit] A Lucid moment this morning where I forgot to spin as the dream faded brings me to 5.5 for July.

[edit] Two pretty long ones in one day thanks to sleeping late and then napping again a few hours later makes 7.5 for July!

.5 makes 3.5 for me.

As for the .5 LD’s, I count them as half if the LD’s were either really short or low level lucidity.

Is there a separate thread that lays out the scale of how to rate the quality of these lucid dreams? If not, pehaps we could start one.

I know this is just a frendly competition, but it might help us dreamers report a more accurate Lucid Dream count if we all have a similar set of rules to help us count.

Just an idea…

I had 2 LD-s last weekend, so it makes 3 in this month so far :content:

Perpetual Lucidity,
so far we have tried to maintain subjective count of LD-s, because sometimes what for one is one LD for someone else, it counts only 0.5 LD, or maybe even 3 LD-s.

For example, for me (as i keep my overall score), i avoid counting 0.5 LD-s. They are either lucid moments (i become lucid, but wake up within 5-10 seconds), what i don’t count as a LD, or they are LD-s that last more than 5-10 seconds. Anyway it’s a bit subjective also, because sometimes i’m not very sure how much time i did spent in lucidity, and in “desperate times” (when i’m having almost dry month) i might even count some short LD as LD. Still i think that they lasted more than 5 seconds, because i have seen enough scenes within them to count it as a LD.

Also when i wake up from LD and enter into same LD after few seconds, i still count it as 1 LD. If i wake up and enter into different dream where i’m lucid, then i count it as two separate LD-s.

For me, I count .5’s as lucid moments. Most of the time it’s at the end of a ND I’m like “Wait, this is a dream!” but bam I wake up. Good part is, this is mostly followed by a WBTB and a long full LD or 2.

Some people also count semi-lucid as .5. I’ve had plenty of that but I don’t count it.

Thanks for clarifying. That helps me understand better how things are being counted.

I’m back from my trip to Las Vegas! And, I’m proud to say, I had one while I gone! It’s nice to come back and go right on the list. It was also nice to have one by accident.

1 for me! (Click Here to see)

Been quite busy recently, but managed to have 3 LD’s this morning :content: … totalling 6 for this month I think

Another for me, bringing me to 2.

(Click here to read) This week should be good for me, I can sleep in!

1 for me, that’s mean I have had 1 LD this month

1 fairly long WILD gets me to 4.5.

2 .5’s get me to 5.5.

4 total, I had one lastnight.

1.5 last night makes 3.5 the total this month

5 total