Competition Rankings for June

Pedro… can you tell me your secret how to Ld at will? :razz:

Understand that when you hear us all saying its easy and that anyone can do it… we’re telling the truth! It really is easy so keep at it. And make sure you are being strict with your dream journal and remembering to RC all the time! Real habit! And don’t just say to yourself, “am i dreaming? i’ll check”. Actually seriously consider that you could be dreaming and that the world may seem real but that is exactly what you would think during a dream! So seriously look for evidence when you RC. And a good book about lucid dreaming can always help and if you read it before going to bed then you’ll have lucid dreaming on your mind which helps too…

PM me if you got any questions coz we don’t wanna clutter up this rankings thread!

:cool_laugh: I managed to get 2 LDs and lots of 1-2 sec ones. But I can’t remember the small ones because the two big where so great.

Nice going JaRoD! Can’t beat good big LDs!

I had the same as you, 2 big ones!

LD count: 71

5 LDs in June

8 LDs.

2 for me. :smile:

27 Ld’s

74 LDs

Pedro - I managed to update your LDs before you posted here :tongue:

Monitor199a - You seem to be doing well, I have checked some of the previous rankings and I’m wondering it this month is a new record for you?

Good luck everyone on the last few days of the month :beer:

Ah ha one step ahead of me lol. :tongue:

AHHHH! Failed RC in an early REM cycle… that was a night full of LDs missed… Oh well I am WBTB any way… so hopefully I’ll have 3-6 LDs in a few hours here :smile:

Had 2 MASSIVE ones :happy:

LD’s: 76

I wonder what Massive means for you? :smile:
I had 3 now.
1 very very vivid and about a halfhour long, it was fantastic for my second day in a row. First LDs ever. :smile:

Had another LD on the 26th, total for June is now 2.

Well done moppe! My first long LDs were my fave!

Thanks. :smile:
But well, it was kind of boring. I was afraid of doing anything since I could wake up. At the end of the dream I felt it was starting to go away and since I had alot of fun and so I said screw it and having fun with a girl, woke up directly after. :smile:

Very very little LD, this night

28 Ld’s

Good eye, 28 is my highest month for the year and for all the contests I’ve done here. It doesn’t reach my record though, which was 32 in last year’s month of June.

Monitor199a, you’ll have to beat 32 next month then! :happy: