Competition Rankings for May

:cry: now Dark SiNder will get lucid instead of me!

May 2005: 8 Ld’s so far…

Had 2 few days ago. That makes 5 in May.

I HAD 5!!!

…ok, ok, I lie :cry: .


And 2 more… Wow, this is already my personal best… :cool_laugh:

3 this morning :smile:
thx JaRoD :grin: you didn’t miss after all!

I had one while napping :cool: That makes 5. And now that I am back in Bodø, I can post them too!

I had one too :grin:

/me send more LD energy to Dark Sider :grin:

(could I have a little energy back too?)

:grin: ok we really should have some LD Energy Treaty ! I had like 4 LDs last night… however I don’t remember much and I’m counting them as 2. total = 8.

/me gives back some lucid energy to JaRoD

/me types up a treaty that says that JaRoD and DarkSider will share their lucid enery each night :happy:

/me then sign it and hand it over to DarkSider :grin:


/me carefully checks all the small fonts :wink: and then signs the LET (Lucid Energy Treaty)

btw, I had another LD last night! was flying and crashed into a flower shop :razz:
total = 9 LDs.

:cool_laugh: I only had a dream about lucid dreaming, but it does seem like this treaty is working :grin:

One more… :grin: :tongue:

:grin: A lucid moment. I’ll count it 0.5.
total = 9.5.

I had one followed by type of awakening then other one as first continued and then false awakening, I am confused But really there was two dream row then??
So two dreams with type of awakening in the middle.
Second is wild or it was from dream awakening, I still am not sure, I was sure I woke up second awakening was false awakening, but I was knowingly false awake as I recognized this is not real sleep position, it was false obe then.
An there were those two girls.

I had one! :cool_laugh: That makes a total of 6

ive had 2 this month

I went on vacation, lots of LDs.

4 May 16th.
5 May 17th
3 May 18th
6 May 19th
6 May 20th
5 May 21st
4 May 22nd
5 May 23rd
3 May 24th

107 total