Competition Rankings for May

another .5…and odd one though.

1.5 total

+1! It was awesome and seemed last forever. I was close to boredom several times, but I learned some new techniques, because my favorite DC told me to clean a disgusting bathtub.

What I learned tonight:
-Icicle Edge! Extremely destructive ice magic, it can kill a DC in one hit. I used it twice and that is probably why my favorite DC thought I should be cleaning filthy bathtubs <_<
-Sleep! Turns DCs into sleepwalkers, but DCs can reflect is with a mirror :sad:
-Heal! Heals DC’s wounds.

+2. Two WILDs and they lasted 1 hour and 15 minutes together. I didn’t do many spectacular things and for some reason I was floating in blackness/whiteness for quite some time, but I was very lucid when I did so :razz:

another .5, brings me up to…2

Not exactly my best month :razz:

I’ve had 2 lol