Competition Rankings for November

Me three. (as in also =P )

(no matter how horrible of a recall I had with it)

Some lucid moments for me this morning. That makes the the total for november this far 2.5

A short one this morning. Makes 5 for this month.

i had a short one this morning :cool:

As did I. :smile:

First LD of the month :bored:

Huzzah! Another one for me! I got to watch the most wicked meteor shower in it too. Very beautiful.

5 minute lucid dream

I had 2 today morning (had about 1 hour and 15 minutes between them until the second one happened) :smile:

I just had another lucid dream (with lots of lucid sex, but I’ll spare you the details).

Two rather short and low lucid LD’s for me. But it makes 2 more… :tongue:

Threee and it was after a long time, two weeks almost.
Now I got 5.

I can’t believe I’m doing so well for somebody who’s been at this for only a month. I’m up at 12.5 now. Well, I’m going to go back to Dreamland now.

I have had one !

a lucid moment, fading out, and back into lucidity again. i’ll count it as half a ld.

Another long, vivid one for me.

Edit: And another! Boy, this just keeps getting better! :cool_laugh: I guess I’m just a natural. So far this month, if you don’t count the semi-lucid dreams, I seem to have a 68% chance of having one every day.

This might just be the worst LD month for me since I started LDing :cry: The lowest amount I’ve ever had in a month is 2 and I only have 1 so far this month :bored:

I had a brief WILD success, my second ever! I was daydreaming as I was drifting off to sleep, and after a while I found myself inside the daydream. But it only lasted a few seconds after that so I’ll count it as half a dream.

I’ve had one.
Total this month is…one.

Another one for me. The lucid part of the dream was only a couple minutes long and I didn’t get to do anything interesting, but I was definitely lucid.