Competition Rankings for November

Another .5 brings me to 5.

[color=darkblue]Sorry, but it is in my nature to be a bit cynical. What is to stop people just writing any number? It’s not very official is it? With there being no way to prove how many LD’s someone had.

I mean-137 LD’s in one month!!? That’s more than 4 every single day! How do you have 4 LD’s every single day for a month? When do you class a night of LD as 4 and not simply 1 and how the hell do you get the time to record 137 of them? :cool_laugh:

Seems a bit unlikely to me…[/color]

I count an LD if it lasts at least 5 minutes, as for number if you sleep nine hours a day that give you about 6-7 REM periods. For someone who can LD at will it isn’t hard to have that many, wake up from first dream then WILD back to bed, wake up from that WILD again etc.

Stepen LaBerge also says in EWLD that for his study he reached a point where he could easily have 4 per night. There is also nothing that says people couldn’t have LD’s during the day as well, If I chose to do that I could probably have ten or more a day.

Total = 26

MatrixMan, I’d be glad to take over for December and January. :wink:


1.5 more gets me to 6.5.

2 more :colgate:
4 total for November!

Total = 33

.5 two nights ago and 1 long one last bringing me to 4 I think?

Total = 38

Infinitycascade: Until there is a prize of monetary value for winning, I don’t think it matters if we just trust what people say. If it makes someone feel good about themselves to post that they had 3,000 LDs, let them.

I had another 1.5, bringing me to a simple 3.

I’ve been slacking =\

got good sleep and a very succesful night
Total = 44

2 more got me to 8.5.

1 on the weekend and 2 this morning makes 4 for this month

(…I always seem to get LD’s when im ill :sad: )

Ok. I’ll add to the list. Only 2 to speak of so far this month but only one was high control, check my DD.

Total = 53

Only one for now … This seems to be a bad month for me =(

Total = 56

1 more gets me to 10.5.

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    Total = 63