Competition Rankings for October

Nice going Badcandlejack! :wink:

I had one this morning, so count me in too.

Boost me up to 1 LD

Me too! :smile:
Sounds fun!
No LDs yet but hey, the month just started.
I’m in, strating from scratch.

1 for me.

Yeah, boost me up to two please.

One more for me. This month is staring off well.

Had 2 more this morning, including my first ever WILD.

One LD for me! :smile: (First one this month)

1 for me, which makes 2!!

Another two this morning :bored:

I’ve no idea what I’m doing right, but I hope I keep doing it.

Woah… Badcandlejack… :eek: You should give out LD lessons :content:

I nearly had an LD last night, but unfortunately my RC betrayed me :neutral: In the dream I had 5 fingers, opposed to the usual 6 or 7. And since my RC is counting fingers… Well, I didn’t become lucid. Darn.

Another short one here in which I was fighting a giant dinosaur :happy:

Too bad :content: I never do this finger RC, cause even in my dreams I can’t imagine having more than 5 fingers on my hand! The best thing still is just to remember that whenever you’re not sure whether you’re dreaming or not, you’re dreaming! That always works. No other RC needed.

Btw: In the first post where you count LDs, how many does Talyn have? Says 2 and 4. So she(he?) has 2, 4, 6 or how many? Or are there two Talyns here? It’s not really that important, I just wondered :smile:

Oops, Minako, that was my mistake! I didn’t realize his/her name was still under two… I’ll fix that ASAP :content:

I had a great LD this morning :grin: One more for me…

LD #1 for October…a few mornings ago I dozed off and had an LD. It was one of the most vivid I’ve ever had, so vivid that I could have SWORN it was real…and in my efforts to stabilize I woke up. I was thinking “hey, I’m in my room…let’s begin a sex dream”, but it didn’t quite work out as I’d planned.


A satisfying but short one for me this morning.

I located a number of self-hypnosis recordings yesterday while searching for a new ‘Holy Grail’ sound file. Seemed to work quite well, so I’m in the process of downloading a few more right now.

I had another one this morning. It was pretty short, though.

Got 5 for myself so far this month.

Two more here. In the first dream I was stuck with my hands inside a computer screen. But when I also put my head in it I woke up. It felt kinda like diving into a mirror.

Geez finally…I haven’t had a REAL ld since early september… :neutral: I had a few that I probly could’ve counted lucid, but I didn’t. But I just had one! so I’m in now.