complete noob help

hello. i just found out that u could control your dreams today and was VERY interested, but i myself am a very impatient and lazy person. so i googled lucid dreaming and found a website that offered books and audio cd’s. the audio cd’s gave off different frequencies that make it so you can go right into lucid dreaming. are these for real, do they really work good? if not, what are some fast easy ways to get to lucid dreaming? please bear with me, im a complete noob at this.

I’m not a pro or anything but from what I’ve read There’s no fast way. It’s easy most say but requires a lot of patience and dedication so just read up that’s what I’ve been doing.

There is one technique that doesn’t take all that long. It is called FILD. To find the thread to it go to the bottom of my technique and click where it says “The Best Technique”. I hope that helps.

Exactly like me… :wink:

Based on that statement alone, I already think I know what would work best for you…


You must educate yourself and pick the method you believe is best for you!
Try this topic, which lists different personality types, sleep patterns, motivation levels, etc. and what method would likely be best for you.

If you trust my judgement, I would personally recommend the WILD method which can be explained in the Guide link, (look at the top-right of your page) or in the First Steps to WILD topic where you can post questions or concerns.

With that said…
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i too am pretty lazy and impatient. you like to see results right?

here’s my advice, start a dream journal here and start recording your dreams. pretty soon your recall will raise and you’ll be abled to become more aware of dreams.

remembering is the first step to lucidity.

edit: i realize this doesn’t yield fast results, but it’s really working. i’m not a lucid dreamer yet, but i’m definitely becoming more aware of my dreams.


They may work well for the people who offer them to make money. Otherwise, I do not think they are of any use. Of course, they will probably not cause you to have less LDs either (unless you cannot sleep with some music or strange frequencies playing, like me :tongue:).

Just practice a technique and more importantly keep your DJ and MOST importantly, believe you are going to have LDs soon. :cool:
It works well and is as free as it can get. :smile: