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:help: Ok, i’m pretty confident this issue has been discussed before but i just wanted to ask, does anyone have any advice on how to achieve better dream recall without depriving yourself of sleep or waking up after only a few hours of sleep?

I ask because i want to go lucid but i still have school to attend 5 days a week and after trying the wake back to bed method on school nights, it left me feeling pretty groggy the next day. I have had more success on weekends however, should i just stick to using this method on weekends?

For dream recall, just keep a dream journal (preferably hand written so you can carry it around for when you sporadically remember things). Trust me, journals work like a charm for recall.

As for actually trying to have lucid dreams? I have to stick to the weekends when I have early classes. Eventually, once you have a lot of success with trying to induce lucid dreams, they’ll start to happen naturally (even during the week ; D ).

That’s been my experience. Good luck.

Yeah, I have exactly the same problem. But I’ve been pretty consistent with my dream journal, reality checks and doing WBTB on the weekends, and I’ve started to get LDs spontaneously during the week.

yeah i’ll keep at it, I do feel like im getting somewhere, thanks for the help

Some good advice above. I don’t think WBTB is good on schoolnights, since it might just make things worse. :tongue: On weekdays you can try to tell yourself before bed you’ll wake up after 5 or 6 hours of sleep. When you do, instead of doing a full WBTB you can just try to WILD or MILD (or whatever tech you preffer). Without getting up out of bed, it’s likely you’ll just fall asleep again. But better than nothing! You can try playing around with that. Waking up naturally in the morning and trying a technique doesn’t seem to affect your sleep that much (in my case, at least). Just an idea, in case you don’t feel like “doing nothing” on the weekdays :tongue: Even if you don’t get any results (right away) it’s always good practice!

and welcome to ld4all, btw :happy:

I woke up a little early this morning and experienced some success remembering my dream, nothing detailed mostly just feelings. Better than nothing though

There are many other techniques besides WBTB. You’ll have to check them and out/pratice and you’ll certainly find the right one for you :content:

Take a look at this sticky topic for an overview e further references.

And I’m gonna go ahead and give you credit for the name of this topic - funny and summarizes well :cool:

You can go to bed earlier, like I often do, and leave plenty of time for awakenings and WBTB.
Besides, one can get used to sleep 6 hours a day (like I did some time ago), moreso if there’s awakenings in the middle, so one really gets to see how long the night really is. (Sleep quality is also influenced by expectations)
So, you can go to bed at a normal hour and do WBTB, there’s not really a problem to sleep 7 hours, once you get used to it (It will also have almost the same REM as a normal cycle, once you make it a routine)