Contacting Your Dreams

I have been having this thought lately about dreams. The thought is: Could you contact your dreams during the day? What I mean by this is somehow finding a way so you can try to talk to your dream characters and such. This would be a great way to plan Lucid dreams and adventures. If there was a way to contact your dreams and then later dream in continuation of that contact. that would be great. It would release stress and tension so that if you were worried in your dream about waking up you would know that once you woke up you could contact your dream again.

I know this sounds silly but It sounded like a good idea.

Here is my idea of how this could work find a imaginary way to contact your dreams or dream characters etc. Like through a Television screen. I found out this also works: writing a letter to your dreams and then putting under your pillow trying to remember what you wrote and who you want to read it when you go to sleep. This actually worked one time in a dream. In the dream a girl named Emily, who i admire, read it, she was read it with a smile but i was so surprised it worked i got nervous and woke up.

If anybody else wants to try this or has any ideas I would love to hear what you have to say. :smile:

Sounds a lot like CALD

But I’ll try the letter thing, sounds interesting.

I’ll work on it and see what I come up with.

You don’t have to send a message in any particular way, the characters are made up by your mind as you go along the dream. Every image and sound and sensation is made up that very second. If you remember that you thought during the day about a message to the character, and remember it, then your mind will work with that in the dream. It’s like drawing a comic, but it’s in your mind. If you want the character to say, yes I got the message, it can, even if there was no message. There is no real contact, only a made up one, the character is just an illusion. It does not remember, it is only YOU that remember. It does not get messages, it has no consciousness. When you are not dreaming, the character only exists in your memory. This means that every character can appear to know everything that you know. So if you want to send a message, all you need to do is think what the message is. Later, the drama can play out when you dream again.

Yes, I totally agree with you. And that is why my letter worked…I didn’t remember the letter but my mind still remembered what the letter about therefore that is why the characters knew what it said. But it is always fun to have a little plan before you go to sleep whether it is about a comic you made up, a story your read, or a tv show you watched or wish you watched. I hoping to induce my lucid state by writing to my dreams. Hopefully by actually doing something to contact my dreams my brain will remember it as an event during the day and it will appear somehow in my dream…I don’t know, just an idea to become lucid and have a little fun if your bored.

Yeah! So cool that! So much like the tooth fairy thing hahaha
I will try it, for sure.
Maybe we could mix this thing with MILD. Sending yourself a message to get lucid.

Wow. Thanks for that LifeDreamer!

great/nice idea LifeDreamer! i will try it before school starts :cry:
lol :grin: