Continuation of Dreams

Like the title says.
Is there anything that could help a “contunation” of a dream? I ask this because i really would like to see the ending for some of my dreams, does anyone have some thoughts?

there are various tutorials on the forum in the FAQ and tutorials section, here are some links
this one is chaning (aka DEILD)
[Chaining (DEILD) Guide and FAQ)
and the prolonging of the dream itself
[Prolonging Lucid Dreams)

Many thanks :smile:

What I do is, whenever I do get into a lucid dream(Its random though maybe about 2 LD’s a week.)I do whatever I want in the dream, and whenever I feel like im going to wake up, I stay still. And when I do wake up, just stay still. And just go back to sleep but, watch yourself going to sleep, and create a daydream, of whatever you want or say the dream you want to revisit again. Watch it and feel yourself falling asleep. For me it takes around 15 seconds to get back into the dream. I think its called chaining. You can pretty much just keep doing it over and over when you wake up. I’ve done it around 6 or 7 times in one night, works like a charm.

Well i tried, but i think i srewed up, since i don’t remember the dream itself, but i do remember to wake up and staying still. Oh well, tonight i will give it another try.