Could Someone Explain to Me the LD Jargon ?

[color=darkred]i’m hardcore lucid dreamer… .

but other than WILD and LD
I don’t know what any of the abbreviations mean… like NILD or MILD
or etc…

someone wanna explain it to me ?![/color]

Most abbreviations will reveal their meaning if you move your cursor over the acronym :smile: You can find most of them listed here:

As for some -ILDs:

There are more -ILD techniques to be found on the forum, but you can use the search bottom if you want specific information about them.

Hope this answered your question :smile:

quick work mystic, I was going to tell him to check my signature. :smile:
good luck StreetSpirit.

Lol yeah I should have thought about your signature :smile: Next time I won’t forget :tongue:

Funny, I’ve always used my signature… :wink:

and another point for r3m0t - can i hire you to do the same kind of advertising for LD4all you do for the wikibook? :grin:

Hmm… not until you release the new site. Then I’ll see. :wink:

I am mildly annoyed when people haven’t checked the wikibook and I am fairly annoyed when people haven’t searched the forum but I will be very annoyed when people fail to check the main site.

Seems like you get annoyed pretty quickly then :wink: