Creating a DC in waking life?

Is it possible to create a dream character when you are awake so that the character will appear in your dreams? I want to create a character to appear in my dreams so i recognize he is my DC and i can use him to induce LDs.

It sure isn’t impossible, but it sure would be hard to do - like every LD-related goal really. Since it’s possible to induce DS’s, then it also would be possible to induce DC’s. I keep saying this to people. Here’s a nice conversation I posted in on this forum related to your question:

It would be pretty hard. I never tried DC’s. I only tried to induce RL DS’s, like people or my house (where pretty much of the action in my ND’s is). Inducing dream characters would take more I believe. Think more about them than just a day (the same applies for DS’s if it won’t work for in the same day). You could also try to forget them, as our member buddy in the quotation mark above said. That would still be thinking of it.

Still, it’s very hard to think of something for long if you want to think about it. You easier think of something you don’t want to think of… :neutral:

Good luck with that thou !

I don’t know if you can create it IRL, but you can take a look on CALD.

I dont get why you would want to forget it. Does it not work if you dont forget about it?