Dangers with OOBE---pleez read

Hello everyone. i am an avid lucid dreamer and have had several out of body expieriences. i recently asked my priest if it is a sin, and he said it was demonic bla bla bla. i really dont believe him, because i dont really believe in christianity (and the bible was not writtin by god, it was written by people and what they thought god would say if there was a god) and about 80% religons and cultures of the world has some positive correlation to out of body expieriences. I was also reading some other web sites and they said you may encounter evil spirits and entities while out of the body, and i have began to have a fear of that now. if i saw some black shadowy thing in my OBE it would scare the crap out of me (litteraly also). In my past expieriences I have never encountered somthin like that, but now i am worried that my mind will create it (because OBEs are entirely in the mind, but u can still see whats in an unknown location because in an OBE your sences are deprived, and that opens the door for ESP and physic shit to come in). So I am here to ask you, have you had any bad expieriences in OBEs? Thank you,
Ben (and try not to scare me too much. LOL

Still somewhat unclear if what I’ve had is to be considered an OOBE – one of falling and jolting myself awake, which is a reoccuring one, and another one that I just thought of in which I had been suffering greatly while lying in bed, I died, and could see my body beneath me, then was taken to Heaven by silvery angels, yadda yadda yadda. So, no, I’ve never had any truly bad OOBE experiences, unless you consider being in such great pain, your whole body aches so badly that you yearn, beg, plead (etc. etc.) for it to end.

I’m not sure if it necesarily has to be something you see; it could be physical pain, like I had.

What ever it may be, why not confront it?

ill admit oobe’s can produce both good and bad things. you just have to remember they’re all in your head. Do I think it’s dangerous? No. It’s all in your head, and as hard as it may seem to believe, it’s going to stay there

according to robert monroe
those dark beings are just a manifestation of your fears… sort of
they can’t do any harm to you
they’re just an annoyance
and once you face them they will leave you alone

Damn, i have been trying all types of dreaming, it was easy b/c i have realized some dreams i controlled or some type of dezuafu(have no idea to spell). But i never seem to get that deep into myself to see inner fears and scary results. Good Luck and keep dreaming!!

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