DC assisted lucidity?

Lately, I have been noticing the same person a lot in my dreams. How would I go about using the DC to help me reach lucidity?

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Hmmm. You can RC every time you think of her - Might fix you up good on it.

Also, you might want to “talk” to her, in a dream or just in your imagination and ask her to make you lucid.

That is as far as I know; I never tried it, though. I did had a dream or two where I was told I was dreaming - but generally by random or semi-random characters.

Thank you! I’ll try it.

Also, I guess you also saw my other thread, huh :wink:

Definitely do an RC whenever you think of her, like TwilightDreamer said, but also, maybe you should check out CALD. Sounds like something that may help you out. If you if you decide to look into it or have any questions about it, you can go ask in the thread in Quest for Lucidity. Hope that helps a little.

I have one DC that appears in a lot of my dreams. Sometimes when I’m already lucid, sometimes when I’m not. When she shows up in NDs, I am instantly Lucid. I would also suggest doing RCs and looking at CALD.

Thanks! I’ll try it!