DC lucid dream technique?

Hey everyone! :woo:

I just wanted to ask if anyone has tried this. I had an idea to maybe ask one of your dream characters while in a dream, to from that point on tell you whenever you are dreaming that you are dreaming. Do you think this could possibly work?

I haven’t succeeded with this (I tried it only once) but it is possible. It’s actually a technique, CALD. A few links to further reading:
CALD Tutorial
and not to forget: Character Chats
Hope this helps :smile:

Yeah, the CALD technique is possible, however, don’t really depend on it. As we all know, DC’s are controlled by our subconscious, which is usually unpredictable and tends to prevent us from becoming lucid.

I think the only way you could possibly do this is to have a companion DC in your LD’s who you do everything with and slowly but surely everytime you see that DC you’ll probably realise you’re dreaming everytime.