Dictionary - explanations of Acronyms like LD RC etc

Yes, 3PV and perhaps 1PV. It seems to me clearer than TPD and FPD (which are not really used indeed, people most often speak about third person view, if I remember well).

Or perhaps DO for disembodied observer… Does that exist already?

Who uses this curious term Bruno? It’s the first time I see it on the forum. :wink: Anyway, this explanation may be added in the hint.

Really? :shock: In the dream diary board, I see more people saying “disembodied” than “3rd person…” Well, I myself use it. :tongue: Mainly because I love it’s literal Portuguese translation, which is what I write in my paper DJ…

Lol! You’re right Bruno. I made a search on the forum about “disembodied” and most of the threads are in the DD section (which I quite don’t read :peek: ).

CALD (Character Assisted Lucid Dream) should be an applied acronym. I think it’s a comely technique that Talon conceived. (Inadvertently?)

Nonetheless, there seem to be members actually trying to apply this technique, so I think it’s worthy of its own descriptive acronym.

added DO :content:

i think CALD is not too much used yet to have it’s own acronym.

How about second person dreams, ever had those? :tongue:

DID - (Dream-in-dream) A dream, usually lucid, in which you either have a false awakening and fall into another dream or you “fall asleep” into another dream.

I think this one should be added (I was actually surprised to see that it wasn’t!) because it’s a fairly common occurence and “DID” is much easier to type than “dream inside another dream”. ^-^

We already have something for that: MD (Meta Dream) A dream inside another dream.

At least if I understand you correctly it seems the same…

MD? I didn’t know that one was on there. Yeppers, that’s what I meant. :smile:

Okay, I know that there is LN but sometimes, first I am haivng a nigtmare and Then, I become lucid. So I have a nightmare induced LD. Has this already been put?

Well do we already have NILD, or so how about FILD? = Frightened Induced Lucid Dream?

I haven’t been to LD4all in about ayear, so sorry if this is some comon repeat… :content:

Just a comment on the subject of FLD - MD
In my eyes there can be no false lucid dream. Lucidity is just to realize, I’m dreaming right now. No matter of the “framework”, context. In the Lucidity Forum we used the term “nested dream” for naming this special kind of dreams.
Meaning, you dream of going to sleep and having a dream. Then dream of waking up and finally waking up to physical reality. The nested dream can be either lucid or nonlucid.
The word “meta” for dreams like these I don’t feel fitting. As meta is something belonging to a higher, encompassing level, e.g. semantics is meta to language.

A meta dream would be a dream about how dreams are made up, I think. Just an example.

So, the acronyms I would suggest are:
LND - Lucid Nested Dream
NND - Normal Nested Dream

My two cent

I like the term nested dream :yes:

about false lucid dream – well, in false lucid dream you don’t realize that you are dreaming, that’s what makes it false… but you do all kinds of things you usually would do when you are lucid. Like flying, walking through walls, using dreampowers, but you don’t have this click that you are dreaming.

edit: ah, i see what you mean now, the second description on FLD is not a FLD… some of those acronyms are from very far in the past when everyone was still trying to put names on different things, and some have evolved but never have changed in the dictionary. Good you pointed that out :smile:

only ND is already normal dream… that’s confusing if it’s also Nested Dream… but NND and LND could work :smile: - but i would say LND a lucid nested dream instead of a nested lucid dream. Depends which dream in-dream was lucid i guess.

I was wondering, is there an acronym for a dream in which you KNOW you’re dreaming, but it’s not really concious, more like dreaming that you’re lucid? Like, you know you’re dreaming but there’s no real click, it’s just kind of understood, and you don’t do anything about it and the dream goes on just like a ND, except you know you’re dreaming. It’s basically the exact opposite of a FLD. This is kind of a touchy subject because there’s a lot of debate over what can and can’t be considered lucid, but I think there should be an acronym for this because I and several others have experienced this before. I’m not sure what a good name for it might be, but I feel it should be added.

Or maybe I’m just crazy and am the only one who even knows what I’m blathering on about…

It’s been like three weeks with no reply…

Now I’m pretty sure I’m crazy.

Hmm, that’s interesting kaybee.

As of now, I don’t think there is an acronym for that, but I think Qu had started a topic about Fake Lucid Dreams (as opposed to false). I’m not sure if its the same though. (I can’t remember too well)

I’ll have to go check for that topic…

How about PILD?

I remember Wolf mentioning it in my DJ once. A PILD is when you have an injury IRL, but don’t in your dream. For example, an injured leg. You are on crutches IRL, but in your dream you walk perfectly well.

PILD = Pain Induced Lucid Dream

It could probably also be said IILD - Injury Induced Lucid Dream

Could also possibly work during an illness… SILD - Sickness Induced Lucid Dream

How’s that?

but SILD is stuffy induced lucid dream as patented in my DJ :tongue:

/me runs away

What about CAT?