Dictionary - explanations of Acronyms like LD RC etc

changed DJ and DD a little and added DR :smile:

I would like to modify the term FSP - false sleep paralysis. Today morning i entered 3 times into SP until i finally was able to enter into full mode LD. But last time when in SP i felt my body paralysed, but as my bottom felt itself unconfortably, i tried to move it and i was slightly able to do so. But i’m almost sure that i did not moved myself, but i was fallen into sleep already when i experienced the third SP what finally made me into LD. So if it is true, then FSP can occur not only while having FA, but even then when you experience it while thinking you are falling to sleep, while you actually already entered into sleep and having a dream about SP.


FLA – False Lucid Awakening (a dream about waking up in the moment of becoming lucid)
LC – Lucid Crossroads (shared dreamspace, described at lucidcrossroads.co.uk)

added LN = Lucid Nightmare - A nightmare where you are aware you are dreaming.

Yeah, I’ve had those :content:

BTW, firefox doesn’t show much of the acronym descriptions, is there any way to fix that?

DT- Dream Time

I use that one a lot in my DJ. :grin:

I think we could use an acronym for Sleep Cycle, although we can’t use SC, as it already stands for subconscious… :sad:

If anyone has an idea… :content:

Added AP - Astral Projection

Added: FM (False Memory) and DM (Dream Memory)

^Those are good. I’ve had a lot of false memories while awake as well - i do something in a dream and the next day i really believe it was real.


NREM - Non Rapid Eye Movement Sleep - Part of the sleep cycle in which dreaming does not normally takes place. Consists of the other four stages of sleep besides REM and shortens as the night goes on.

HL - Hyper Lucid/Hyper Lucidity
A more usable term meaning Hyper Reality in a dream, wherein all the senses seem to be magnified.

OD - Overalapping Dream/Overlaping Dreams
A dream in which you seem to have and remember (and be and active part of) two or more dreams at the same time.

Anybody have done OD dreams ?

It look complex , and much impossible for me.
Dont think we can do OD and be aware of 2 dreams in one time. Its too much for the memory. You surely gonna forget one when you awake.

DG = Dream Guide - Similar to a Spirit Guide, a person or thing that guides the dreamer in his actions.

Whatcha think? =]

now THAT would be interesting! sometimes, for me, normal dreams aren’t as clear as video. it seems they come and go too fast and yet still manage to pack so much in. it would be fantastic to watch a dream in real life.

TPD - ( third person dreams) Dreams in wich you see the world in the third person
FPD - (First person dreams) Dreams in wich you see the world in the first person

Maybe this is already here, but i have a lot of these.

A FBD, or Feeling Based Dream, a dream in which you can recall only a particular feeling, and no visual images or sounds or anything.

how about 3PV = 3rd person view , i have that a lot in my dreams.

Yes, 3PV and perhaps 1PV. It seems to me clearer than TPD and FPD (which are not really used indeed, people most often speak about third person view, if I remember well).

Or perhaps DO for disembodied observer… Does that exist already?