Did I perform a WILD or not?


I’ve been trying to do WILD some time now. I think I managed to do one this morning, but I’m not sure whether is was WILD or a normal LD.

My alarm went off after about 5 hours of sleep. I went out of bed, had a drink, en went back in for WBTB/WILD. I had some trouble getting back to sleep at first, but then I noticed the vibrations started. Normally when this happens I get too excited and wake myself up to a point where I can’t fall asleep. But this time I remained my calm, allthough I did notice that I was thinking of something completely different, and got drawn back to my WILD attempt because of the vibrations. I then started to hear voices. I had expected the voices to be something scary, but it was normal. I tried to listen to them but it was like someone was talking in another room, so I could not hear it clear. I tried to focus on the images, but I did not get many. After I laid still for another couple of minutes, it occurred to me that I might already be asleep.

I opened my eyes and I was in my bedroom. For some reason the lights where on, but that did not strike me as odd. I did a nose RC, and it worked. I realized I was dreaming, but I was still very doubtful as to if it where a dream or RL. I did a couple more breathes to my closed nose, and a jump in the air. Then I realized I was dreaming, but I was not able to get a very clear picture, it was very hard for me to concentrate, unlike in some other LDs I had, the picture was very blurry. I was not able to maintain and then woke up, I think the experience lasted only a couple of minutes.

Was this a successful WILD attempt or was this a normal LD? If this was a WILD, how can I prolong it or successful create a dreamscape instead of getting LD in my bedroom and waking up so quick? I have read all the guides and about everything around here, but maybe based on my above story one could give some more personalized advise?

Thanks in advance and happy dreaming :content:

Yes, that was a WILD :cool: I have wilded in that way a couple of times too, mostly in naps. Congratulations on your successful WILD!

Congrats that was a successful WILD.

I always begin in my bedroom too, but I like it that way. I usually fly out in search of new adventures. Nothing outside of my house is the same as reality and it changes in every LD. I’m not sure how to prolong a WILD LD, I’m still figuring this out myself. You have to find your own tricks I guess. What for sure works is focussing on things you hear, sense, see etc. If I feel like loosing a LD, I try to feel my environment and spinning around may help as well.

Congrats! :content:

WILDing is great to master, I wish you luck!

I would like to make one quick note. While it’s great to know you were able to perform a difficult technique like WILD, it’s best not to focus on the techniques. What does it matter whether what you just did was WILD or not, you managed to have a lucid dream. Keep up whatever it is you were doing, but remember it’s not the way you get lucid that matters, it’s the fact that you got lucid.

Thank you for the replies. I am glad I did a WILD :happy: I think next time it might be a little bit easier because I now know a bit more of what to expect. I feel very fortunate and lucky that I managed to get one. I would not have been able to get this far without the help from the guides here :smile: I enjoy every LD I get, but with WILD it might be a little bit easier to get one, once it is mastered (which takes a long time as far as I understood). I will just keep on practicing patiently :content:

Like Rhawin said, don’t focus too much on technique. You were successful with WILD technique but that’s it about WILD. You were successful.

So you covered the first step which is LD induction, the next step is dream control. Here’s very helpful guide on how to prolong and control your dreams!