Disturbing sound... =/

Im really new to this. And there is a thing that happends sometimes when im in the "Hypnogogic state " i think… its like i suddenly hear a loud noise for like 0.1 seconds or something… and i get really scared… its like i get hit by a flash… It’s annoying coz it allways wakes me up.

You guys seems to be skilled on this kinda shit, so maby you can help me if there is a reasoneble ecplanation… ;D

there are a fewposts on similar topics:

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there is one called hypnagogic sounds?!!?! you can search for, and then one pertaining to ahm “jerks” of some kind.
oh wait, it is this one;
["falling feeling" [myoclonic jerks]) heh those silly jerks…

dammit. here is that other stupid sound one,
[Hypnagogic sounds?)
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I am new to the lucid dream concept and I am absolutely intrigued in learning more, cause I know I have experienced alot that has frightened, but now see it is “natural” or common.
As far as those loud noises, I think I have had them too. Sometimes its almost as a symbols were banged close to my ear, or as if someone had yelled in front of me. I have woken up in a sudden twitch, really believing the source of the sound was in my bed. Is this similar to what you are writing about?

Lagge, scorpioub,
What you’ve heard are called hypnagogic hallucinations. HH can be visual, auditive or tactile.
About hypnagogic sounds, we maintain a collection there:
The list of hypnagogic sounds
The explanation depends on the sound heard. For instance, voices are due to the disconnection of the prefrontal cortex areas, so that thoughts are heard as if they were pronounced by another people. Weird sounds like buzzing, popping, etc. are due to something like the synchronization between the 2 brain lobes. They are linked to brainwaves changes (delta waves?) and as far as I remember, some of them (buzzing) have been reproduced while subjecting brain to a magnetic field.

I ALWAYS here the buzzing sound as I drift deeper into sleep (while still concious that is)

In my most scary SP, I heard a hypnagogic sound that was like a giant engine being started, except that engine sounded like it was made by the devil and ran on the blood of innocent orphans :cool_laugh: …or something like that. But the point is it was a friggen’ scary sound.