Do a RC, then press CTRL-R

First do a RC







  • yes, done?

now press CTRL-R and look under your avatar.

then do a RC again :wink:

can be you don’t notice a difference, then you already saw the changes earlier. This message is intended for those who have to manually refresh.


great concept, especially because i usually dream about being on the comp so much.

I don’t see any difference. :sad: What is the new concept and why is it related to RC?

some changes have been made in visual apperance below the avatar… the RC is just an optional extra :wink:

Hahaha, but when I look under my avatar it already says to do ANOTHER reality check anwyay.


So what exactly is supposed to happen when pressing ‘ctrl+r’ ?

Kat: New kin icons. You wouldn’t have noticed it if you did it on the front page.

no r3m0t, something else too :grin:

what iSsss it then Q? :eek:

LOl whats “MSNM” (under our signatures)

msn messenger :smile:

:razz: usually the ‘messenger’ is not needed when u have msn

beg pardon?

I would tell you, what was new, but then it would defeat the purpose of the RC. Most people saw no changes when the pressed Ctrl+R. This just reloads the page. If you were not logged on when the changes occured, then you saw them when you logged on later. These changes have nothing to do with kin.

Ok? so not telling me is meant to make me somehow know?

And what is kin?

lol, sorry. I’ll explain:

The point of the RC was that, if you didn’t notice any changes, then you must have been dreaming. You are supposed to have noticed certain changes under your avatar.

What is kin? Hmm…well, I’m not real qualified to give a lecture about the Mayan customs, however, you could visit some of the links in Q’s signature to find out more. Basically, kin are images used by the Mayans in their sacred 260-day Tzolkin calendar.

This is a great place to visit, too:

The concept is that when you do this, you’ll know you’re dreaming, that is, about your comp. :happy:

is this an old topic talking about new stuff under the avatar(usergroups, last date, different gender sign, etc.)?

Yes. There was a change.

:peek: If you do want to know:
The gender icon has changed, as well as the little group icon thingies.