Does anyone play ddr?

heh heh heh heh, na. Not likely. ^.^ I enjoy the game, I don’t mind to get beat, I just mind when I don’t live up to my own preset accomplishments. ^.^

could someone explain what ddr is? Sorry, I’m a bit behind the times I guess :grin:

There isn’t much to it, but damn did it get popular fast.

DDR is a very deep and meaningful spiritual journey with a gripping storyline.
You see arrows on the screen, you step on the corresponding arrow on the pad that you buy prior to buying DDR (or if you’re really cheap you press the appropriate direction on the control pad)

you must step on the arrow in the appropriate time it tells you to (the arrows scroll up from the bottom of the screen and whenever they hit the line near the top of the screen you’re supposed to step on the pad. Miss and it’s deducted points, do it exactly when it’s on the line and it’s more points.

Plus it’s great fun trying to play Mortal Kombat while using the dance pad.

infectionO wrote Plus it’s great fun trying to play Mortal Kombat while using the dance pad.
That sounds more entertaining and might even convert Atheist! :happy:


Me and I love it, my icon comes from the game

I have a gif of iori from kof playing ddr. More over, losing and slamming the pad because of it. ^.^

Do you think you could beat me?

Well I’m currently a decent player light, I just got ultramix a few weeks ago…
but I figure I can take you to school :content:

EDIT: Ultramix has online play so I can face you in that if you have xbox :wink:

Heh…I’m obsessed with this game. We just got a machine on campus, and I was ecstatic… I already have some decent home pads, a PSX-USB converter, and a simulator for my computer (which has almost every DDR song in existence)…

I’d like to think I’m good (can beat Afronova on Maniac, other 8-foot/9-foot songs) but there are people here on campus who absolutely put me to shame. There’s actually a DDR club, which goes around to tournaments and such.

DDR is the only thing in my life which resembles exersize…

You say you can school me? Are you sure about that? I’m not half-bad.

I was just joking, I’m still relatively new myself. :content:

ahh. I was about to say… ^.^

Yeah I got the game for christmas, I can dance most songs on heavy. I attribute much of this to an LD.

at school, in the senior’s special lunchroom they have a nintendo with ddr, and we aren’t really allowed in their, but me and my friends always go in their at lunch(and sometimes during classes) and we play, it’s so fun, I suck at it though, but some of my friends are like masters at it. They have no life though and sit home and play it all day.

I used to play, it’s such great fun! I think I reached my limit though (B in MAX300 Expert, home pad (soft), 1.0x standard scrolling) so my addiction waned. Still have 2 RedOctane Ignition pads (w00t!) with two PSX->USB converters and about a thousand songs on the computer :content:

I can pretty much AA any song by now with enough practice, it’s just the 10-footers which I suck at.

hahahahahahahaha!!! I’m sorry, ddr is the butt of many jokes between my freinds and I. I’m simply amazed that it has become so popular. I mean i’ll knock it as hard as i can but i’m not ganna give anyone shit for enjoying it. Thats your think and its cool. The concept is to to humorous for me to bear. And whatching people play it is funny as well.

You probably watch people who are either freestyling (trying to actually look cool while they play) or beginners, who tend not to understand how to move in an energy-efficient way.

When you see somebody doing 10 hits a second or sometimes more, you begin to realise it’s good exercise. :wink:

Yeah, once you get the oppurtunity to watch someone doing a sonf like Max Unlimeted/ or Buring heat on heavy you’ll see the excersie

Any song that is a 9 or 10 foot should really give you a workot.
That’s why I like burning heat so much, I personally think i gives you better excersice than Max Unlimited


I finally AA’ed MaxX Unlimited, i’ve been runnning 5 miles a day whenever I have time to get in shape for this song.

Hmm… now all I have to do is AAA it.