Does Daydreaming Increase/Decrease Chance of Lucid Dreams???

So, if you daydream a lot during the day, does that fulfill the need that we have to escape reality? Or does it increase our likelihood to have vivid/lucid dreams because we are in that state of mind more often, like practice? Also, does watching movies/television, reading books where we are visualizing what we are reading or watching do the same?

Bottom Line: If our brains are detached from reality a lot during the day, does that increase our likelihood to have more vivid/lucid dreams or does it decrease our likelihood to have lucid/vivid dreams?

A friend of mine (an avid gamer) has heard that you’re more likely to control yourself in a dream if you play a lot of video games IWL.
This same friend claims that he rarely remembers any dreams, despite the fact that he plays video games almost 24/7.

I haven’t heard any actual research about this, and my friend isn’t really into lucid dreaming or anything like that…
So I’d like to know if anyone has any reliable information about this.

Thanks for posting! :smile:

I play video games pretty often, i am sooo amazed and into lucid dreams and learning about them eversince i had one, idk anything if it does increase or decrease the possibility, but i do think what matters is how interested and open to the idea you are, the more you want it and believe it, i’m sure it will happen.

Daydreaming can be a great way to practice the different powers you would want to use in an LD. In the end it all comes from the same imagination, so if you can daydream it, toucan LD it. I have not heard of excessive daydreaming increasing vividness, but I have heard of it helping with length.

Actually, it’s all of those together. Depending on how interested you are, movies/games/daydreams may either quench your thirst for escape/fantasy, or reinforce it,so you’ll search for more :grin: It all depends on you.

Also, videogames and movies help the Dreamer getting accustomed to foreign situation, thinking laterally, and also provide him with new instruments to overcome his difficulties (an example would be using the TARDIS in dreams to travel in time and space ^^ ), but daydreams are the best of the three, because it’s one of the closest things to dreaming we can experience by day, plus it’s active practice :happy: .

Yes I think daydreaming is good because it gives some insight,or,as tosxyChor said,some practice onto the subject. I am a videogame player and it’s true it makes you familliar with fantasy and such,but in my case,I rarely get fantasy stuff in ND s :eh:

But why would I use the complicated TARDIS when I can just ask Doctor Who to give me the Time Vortex,it’s a lot more simple :lol:

heck, if daydreaming were a ticket to lucidity, i’d be LDing every night!

In all seriousness, I’m sure it would affect it as much as you believe it will affect it. Daydreaming in it’s most literal sense would keep you in a more dreamlike, or rather, dream-willing state, so i guess it could encourage dreaming, and by extension, lucid dreaming.

However, i’d warn against saying that a detachment from reality helps lucid dreaming- quite the opposite, in fact. Because the whole point of lucid dreaming is an attachment to reality, and the ability to recognize that the situation you are in is not, in fact, reality.

Because it’s the awesomest most funnest experience ever!

Wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the thoughtful answers! I guess it all comes down to what you believe will work best for you. Lucid dreaming seems to be a very subjective experience, different for everyone. I guess a good mix of imaginative daydreaming and a hyperawareness of your surroundings when you’re not daydreaming is the best mix. I guess the more you concentrate on the world that you are currently focused on (whether that be the real world or the world of your daydreams/dreams), the better chance of lucid dreaming.

Congratulations jcwarrior, you get one of the main concepts; lucid living. Just because your not in a dream doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the details in the world around you. The more you have a knack for these things, the more [enjoyable] LD’s you will have :content:

Actually, awareness is somewhat a plus if you daydream too, look into the Lucid DayDreaming topic for details. Basically, since daydream are the closest thing IWL to a dream, being aware in daydreaming (aware of the daydreaming, of course :tongue: ) is like being aware in dreams :content: