Does this Blindfold thing work?


So just found this on eBay: Link removed.

I’ve seen it around before. I doubt I’ll spend the £160, however, I just wanna know does it work, and if I bought how much work do you think I’d need with that on to be able to have lucid dreams?


I tried the link… but it didn’t work…

If it’s a normal blindfold, then people have had mixed results. If it’s one of the light flashing goggle thingies, then you should take a look at this topic ->

It shows how to make them for about $5 US money. I don’t know the equivalent for your currency, but it shouldn’t be much different.

If you were talking about the REM Dreamer, I’ve heard a lot of people say that the it works really well, but I’d never spend much money on it…

Ha, me build something that complicated? I can barely make myself a sandwich! :razz:

So the REM dreamer does work, could someone clarify a bit more for me, I may actually consider buying one. :happy:

Just make sure you realize one thing :tongue: The REM dreamer doesn’t give you instant LD’s. It probably does help a lot though. Because with it you still have to be able to recognize the que in the dream! I’ve heard of people that tried it and have flashes of light in the dream but they don’t make the connection… It’s just a matter of practice though. I imagine after you get used to it you’ll get lucid all the time :happy:

That’s the kind of reply I was looking for - So seems like it’ll be easier, but won’t necessarily get them straight away?

Still, seems like a decent investment for a lazy teen like me. :smile:

yea you have to be at least aware in the dream so that when you see the flash you can make the connection and realize youre in a dream. If you’re already at that part of your progress, the REM dreamer would definitely help a lot

Yep. This topic actually made me consider one for the first time :tongue: But I forgot to say before, I haven’t used one, so I don’t know how easy or hard it is. So you may want to get the opinion of someone who has direct experience before you buy one.

But from my point of view it does look like a big help. It’s just that some people buy them thinking it’s magic and get disapointed when they find out they still have to put in a little effort. So, yeah, for laziness it seems like it should really help, but not for total lack of motivation :grin:

I understand that, but I’m fairly confident I’ll be able to become lucid from it. However, saying that, if I’m not its £150 down the drain.

I’m definitely lazy, but I’m always motivated. :wink: Strongly considering getting one now! I’ll let you know if I do…

Well best of luck with it. Like mattias warned you need to not get discouraged if it doesn’t work right away. The main trick will be getting the intention of recognizing the flashes in your dreams. You may want to practice MILD or autosuggestion.

I was thinking of going to sleep to one of those Binural wave tracks which constantly repeats the subliminal message saying I’ll wake up in my dream - reckon that would work?

It can. All of it boils down to your level of awareness and your intention. If you keep that intention to remember it as you fall asleep, you will.

The voices are all so creepy though. :confused: I’d probably end up having nightmares. May give it a try tonight however.

Thanks or the reply. :smile: