Doing RC correctly

I just wondered that am I doing reality checks correctly. Because normally when I have ld, I don’t use RC in it.
I do that clock RC (watch clock twice and if time has changed…).
And I just watch the clock and then watch again, but do I have to be knowing what I’m doing? Because RCs are just every hour thing to me, is it wrong?

when you do it… you have to believe that you may be dreaming and not just do it automatically without thinking and while assuming you are awake too.

Yes, you must try to be very conscious of what you are asking. It definitly helps to ‘know what you’re doing’.
The clock watching RC you’re doing is a very good RC, and doing it every hour is also good, so you’re on your way to success I’d say :smile:

When I do a reality check, I ask if Iam dreaming and then I say that if I was dreaming, I’d realize that my text on the computer is funky looking or something and then I’d be able to answer that Iam dreaming. I just ask randomly through out the day in my head. It can be outloud or quietly, but i like the quiet version becuase I’d be embarrissed to ask outloud. Everyone has a differant way of doing an RC and if it working it maybe correct if not, I’d try another way to do the RC

as the others said, you have to consciously wonder whether you are dreaming or not when you look at your watch. Otherwise, even though if the text changes, you might think your watch is malfunctioning or something. At least until you get it working for the first few times, generally after that you don’t have to be much serious about it. Also pick specific dream signs for your RC… like look at your watch every time you wake up.If you ever have a FA, you’ll become lucid :smile:
Good luck!

The best RC method I’ve found of course incorporates all of the above but adds even more to it. It is the Tholey method and he says after a couple of months or so it generates 1 LD a day. See the technique here:


I’m now doing this every day as a permanent part of my dreaming efforts.