Dont hold your breath. (How long can you go?)

Around 90seconds.

I could probably go longer if I had to though.

Seriously wtf is up with the title of the topic?! it doesnt even make sense

00:02:14 is my current record. Working on holding it longer…

When i am relaxed i also get quite more … today i made about 1:50 (2 is when i am in better shape lol )

@Mecha Has something to do with you being a robot i think :lol:

I just did 1:16 :wink: This was the first time in like years that I timed myself holding my breath. Gonna try with music some time.

And guys, btw, remember that the brain risks taking damage after 3 minutes without oxygen.

Omg, right, I just remembered this thing I saw on tv a few months ago- It was a guy who, under water held his breath for 7 minutes! He said that he put himself in some kind of meditational state or something and just kind of shut himself off.

thats called apnoe diving i heard there are two people who can do this for one hour or so … (there is an IMAX movie about them i think)

After another 2 or 3 tries i got 1m35 which i’d predicted and having a specific time in my head made me more determined to reach it. I haven’t tried it lying down yet.

has anyone else seen that show Ripleys Believe it or Not!, i think i saw some old guy hold his breath for like an hour! i have to go research it right now to make sure but that would be crazy!

EDIT:after searching it for a bit on google, i couldnt find a reliable source because some are just things they say they heard, or i saw this on some old television show such and such, and sometimes they apparently breathe 100% pure oxygen for 20 minutes beforehand allowing them to not need oxygen for a little longer.

ok, so after practicing i did 2:50, and the only way to get that much i figured out, was playing a song on Itunes that lasts aproxximately what you want. So i played me some linkin park and played it. Then you just force yourself to hold it in till the songs done.

I was 10 seconds away because I think my mind pretty much said “BREATHE DAMNIT!!”
and i couldnt help it. Though ive been able to force it in quite a bit, you do start having the corners of your vision go black. Any further than that i think is a stupid idea.

When you let go of reality and meaning and preset boudaries, you can go much further than expected.

So yea ill try a few more times till i reach my original goal of 3:00 and call this a wrap.

Also, i want to know something for a little physiological test. Next time you guys try holding your breath, notice what is going thru your head when you take a breathe. Then remember that exact time on a stopwatch, and hold your breath again. When you get to that time, can you tell yourself not to quit and hold it longer?

I can hold it for 52 seconds, oh and i almost died.

I know Zain, he is lieing. :tongue:

I can go for about a minute.

If you hold your breath too long you will pass out.

I forgot to put my last attempt in here. It was 2min lying down. For a while afterwards i felt a bit like passing out but i knew i probably wouldn’t.

i can hold my breath for 2 min resting, but usually i do it unconciously… i get that hot feeling in my lungs and throat 20 sec swimming, i have to work on my stamina :tongue:

yeah, you can’t die by holding your breath(unless maybe you’re underwater) because you’ll go unconscious


I burped during that attempt too :puh:

Tried once, my method was taking multiple breaths without exhaling…

Started coughing at 6 seconds…

Now to try again.

EDIT: 2 breaths in without exhaling got me 52 seconds.

I think I managed 5 minutes once before, by managing to recycle used air. Also, my lung capacity was much better, due to the fact I was in the school choir, and we were made to do breathing exercises to help sing long notes. Plus I used to swim a lot.

Quite surprising how my capabilities have been limited by my lack of exercise.

I’m also out of practice…

Yeah Linkin Park rocks!!!
Did I say that out loud? :unsure:

1:10, I about died. :tongue: For some reason I find it easier to hold my breath underwater. And listening to music made it a lot worse, I think that made it 47 seconds or something. o_O By the way, 5 freakin’ minutes?! :eek: I would pass out.

I hope you realize that the topic title is “Don’t” Hold Your Breath. I kinda lol’d.