Dream Cartography

Hey, this is an occasionally reoccurring topic and I thought I’d bring it back. For those who don’t know, dream cartography is a method that helps one increase dream recall and lucidity by getting familiar with dream places that you seem to dream of often (even if they’re not exactly the same, they tend to have the same “feeling” to them). For me, when I mentally “walk” through the dream map i instantly get recollections of dreams that happened there, it’s sort of “memory palace” technique adaptation for dreams.

Anywho, I just thought it would be interesting to see maps of other people and try to see if people tend to have similar locations in their dreams. Dreamhackers said that there should be - such as a happy place, a large building, nightmare zone, etc. Here’s what I’ve drawn:

Edit: not sure why the pic doesn’t pop up… Just follow the link!

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I have use this to an extent in the past.
I also have many different recurring dreamscapes. Some of these include The Pine Forrest, The Swamp/River and The Mountain.
Some day I will hopefully get around to drawing a map.
I often use location to do chained recalls. And I also have considerably more LDs when I am not in my home town. I think this is because most of my dreamscapes are based off of locations in my home town and when I have traveled, I don’t remember the 5-6 hour drive home in my dream.


I’m so glad to find somewhere I can discuss this! I’ve just started getting properly into dream cartography, more so out of my interest in the dreamscape itself and the way my interest in psychogeography seems to overlap with my explorations within the dream world. I started mapping out places using the customisable function in Google Maps, something I’m eager to get back to now with more focus.

DeskRaven - the link didn’t work when I typed it in, is the file still up? And have you made any interesting discoveries or progress in dream cartography?

DTDownUnder - have you gotten around to mapping your dream places? I’d love to compare notes and see what others find in the process.

I don’t know if you’ve come across it, but for anyone who’s interested, someone’s uploaded a paper on it: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/287406088_Toward_Dream_Cartography_Mapping_Dream_Space_and_Content

If anyone’s had any experience in this area or wants to discuss, compare notes, or try some things out, I’d love to hear from you! :smile: