Dream Chamber

So I read something a couple of weeks ago and it brought me to the idea of creating a room in WL that I can visit in the dreamworld which makes some stuff just easier.
For example I have this door with a chalkboard next to it, where I can write down where I want to go, and then the door will lead me there. Also in the room is a chest, so I can manifest small things that I’d like to use , for example a lightsaber ^^. A fridge for infinite food is also one of my thoughts.The location I’m thinking of is currently on the moon, so I can do some gravity experiments in my dreams, also in my room at home , I will have an extra door (in the dreamworld) that leads to this chamber. I haven’t been able to visit this room yet but I have a pretty solid picture in my mind of how it would look like. Do you guys have any nice ideas for this concept? Like how to get it to work or some nice add-ons in the room? :happy:

This sounds great. You should look into VILD, your idea sounds like it would fit in its concept. :smile:

That sounds lovely! I’ve always wanted to toy around with something like this, but I’m not lucid regularly enough to make it work.

To me, it seems pretty fullproof. The only problem I would have is actually remembering to use it in a dream :tongue: When I’m lucid, I tend to forget all my goals.

Let us know if and when it works!

I’m not sure if this is similar but I have a room that I teleport into when I become lucid. So far there is not much in there but it is a some-what small room that has a blue carpet with white walls. These walls have various murals painted on them. My dream companion “Aurora” stays here also. I use this as a testing ground or if I just want to play with Aurora. I plan on expanding this to a big house when I get my CALD characters talking more. Of course they will not be forced to live there if they don’t want to.

Sounds like a good idea. Good luck. :smile:

This sounds kind of like the same concept as only using your bed for sleeping, therefore making your body think that when you go into it, it thinks its time to go to sleep.

If you only use the room for LD’ing, then it sounds like it would work! Good idea!