Dream Gameshow II

1.) I was in a big muesuem , with a tour guide explaining dark rooms to our group. We went outside and I looked at the buildings, they had old patterns on them.
The tour guide said many people looked in this direction. I looked to the right, my dad in our car. My brother and mum and myself left in the car going down road that sloped down hill.

Dream…it seems a bit surreal.

2.) I was choking on a big lego brick, my father pulled it out of my mouth.
Real…it seems likely when you were much younger.

3.) I was in on ken wallis’ field (a person who invented loads of microligh planes, that my dad loves so much), with my dad watching him fly at 80 years old right over our heads.

4.) I was waiting for my bus, but someone luckily offered me a ride. I looked in and there were three adults and two children in the car.
Real? you could have been much younger or it could be a very large car!

5.) I was trying to jump for a loft hatch with great difficulty. My dad wanted me to move a few chairs up there. So I went and grabbed a fold up chair and moved across the loft.

It will be interesting to see if I am any better at guessing your dreams/real life situations. :cool:

1.) Dream

2.) Real, when I was young

3.) Real, fun day

4.) Dream, I would never get in a car that I didn’t know who it was

5.) Dream, notice how I could get into the loft, but then grabbed a chair and moved across the loft. But I didn’t make this clear, plus jumping for a loft hatch is a stupid thing to do.

My turn!

  1. I go on this bridge with my friend, I dared him to through a rock a huge rock into the street below. He throws it, we duck so people dont see us, and we hear a loud crash, like glass shattering. We run away.

  2. My sister moving out of the house

  3. I was in a car accident, no one was hurt horribly, mostly just stitches.

  4. Coming into school and seeing one of my teachers dressed as a clown.

  5. Moving to a new house that has a little fish pond in the backyard.


1.) Dream, I should hope!
2.) RL, unless ofcourse you hate your sister or something
3.) RL, it was over a long peroid of time (i.e. the stitches afterwards)
4.) RL, teachers are clowns (no offense to anybody)
5.) Dream?


  1. I hope it’s a dream!

  2. Real life. I hope it isn’t a trick question. :tongue:

  3. Real life.

  4. clown. Real life…it could have been a sponsored event.

  5. little fish pond. I’ll guess Real life.

[b]I have probably got them all wrong. :wiske:


  1. Real Life :cool_laugh: Was never supposed to happen… Oh, and I messed up, I accually dared him to try to make it across the street below, it was a long though and well, he didn’t get it there all the way…
  2. Real Life College!
  3. Dream :content: Luckly have never been in a car crash IRL
  4. Real Life :eek: One of my teachers volenteres(sp?) as a clown at this childrens hospital and for some reason she was in her clown suit that day…
  5. Dream …would be cool though… Oh, and also in my dream, my new house was on Mars :alien:

Only 2 out of 5 but if you had mentioned that the pond was also on Mars I would have got 3. :tongue: