Dream guides

Can you guys tell me any stories about your dream court. like how you met him/her/it. Can you also tell me their personality. i only want replies from people who believe dream guides are more then a figment of your imagination

I’ve only met my dream guide on three occasions.

The first time he appeared to me as a young Japanese man. I asked him to explain some things to me, which he was willing to do. He also seemed to want to teach me how to use some abilities I had while in the lucid state, like terraforming. I got the vibe that he was knowledgeable and kind of a mentor without me having to ask for it. I didn’t want to displease him. He almost felt like a guru.

The second time I met him he appeared to me in the form of a blond-haired American surfer dude, but I was just flying around and he was behind me smiling. We didn’t talk.

The third time he was a black teenager. I asked the dream to take me someplace I needed to be, and he was there with me. As the dream was taking me halfway around the (dream)world my dream guide asked me to rap with him, for fun. I tried my best but failed, but he seemed to appreciate it anyway.

Dream guides ARE more than a figment of one’s imagination, just like how (I believe) all dream figures are more than just that. They represent a part of us. They’re an aspect of ourselves that manifest in the form of another person.

My dream guide seems wise yet playful. Eager to get me to try new stuff. I can relate, because in real life I don’t normally try new stuff all that often. I tend to stick to what I know, and what’s “safe.” My dream guide seems to want to take me out of that safe zone to try to explore the (dream)world in creative ways, in addition to having more access to my subconscious mind than I do.

So, at the very least, he’s the part of me that likes to throw caution in the wind, who doesn’t hold back and who tries to let go of silly inhibitions. I’ll have to meet him more often to get a better grasp of who he is.

I’ve met the man I’m pretty certain is my dream guide (he acts like one but he’s never straight-out told me) multiple times, but he still hasn’t told me his name! I’m calling him Valentin because he sort of looks like a character of mine named Valentine–but just a little bit off, hence the different spelling. One day I’ll find out what he’s actually called.

Most of the times I see him are in normal dreams. The first time I met him was an FLD, I’m pretty sure, because I remember being in control of my actions but I never realized I was dreaming. Anyways, I was trapped in this military complex that looked like my old elementary school. I flew up over the roof and out of the compound into a parking lot near a laundromat. I hid under a car, but alarms sounded and these men in black suits and sunglasses started looking for me. They got really close, but I thought of the oldest trick in the book and threw a stone away from me, and they went to follow the noise it made. I climbed out from under the car and one of the Men In Black was right there. I jumped back and was going to run but he said, “it’s okay, I’m here to help you escape,” and he opened the car. For some reason I really trusted him (it may or may not have had to do with the fact that he faintly resembled David Tennant), so I got in and we drove away. The dream would have gone on longer but then my alarm clock woke me up… sigh

The second time was an ND where I was in a giant warehouse and was part of a team of assassins trying to get to this one person–I think the head of some corporation–and Valentin was our leader. He was wearing a black opaque mask so I couldn’t see his face, but he was dressed in that same fancy black suit so I’m pretty sure it was him. Anyways we were jumping between the warehouse rafters, but I think I was trying too hard to keep up, because my chest started to feel really weird, so I took out my heart to listen to it. It was pumping really irregularly, so Valentin took it from me, fixed it, and put it back in. It didn’t hurt, but it felt very strange, and I remember feeling insanely grateful to him for healing me!

The next time I saw Valentin was the first time I became lucid! These aliens wanted to sell their planet, called Guangolexyzon, to us because they needed the money to build a space-bridge (as in, a physical bridge through space). The thing was, they only wanted to sell the planet to Christopher Columbus, and the government could not convince them that he was dead. So they sent me and Valentin to pretend we were Christopher Columbus (and, I guess, his wife? assistant? whatever). So we went aboard their ship which was all sleek and shiny and white inside with a spectacular view of their planet. And we made a bunch of negotiations and finally agreed to buy the planet, and the aliens were like “let us prepare your rooms” and left.
Valentin put his hand on my shoulder and said, “we can’t leave this chamber until they adjust their atmosphere generator to cope with human lungs. Hold your nose and breathe through it until their generator adjusts.” So I held my nose and breathed through it and realized that this was all a dream… and then my heart started beating really fast and I woke up.

The last time I saw him was another ND. My high school senior class was all together on this big yellow school bus for some reason. Apparently we were going on a field trip into outer space. So the entire senior class and my 11th grade English teacher piled into the bus and we took off into space. We drove for a really long time, and the further we went, the more the bus shook and rattled, and we were all getting pretty worried. Finally we stopped and our teacher said, “there’s a problem. The system isn’t there anymore.” Then the bus and the entire class disappeared and I was left suspended in space. I started to panic, but Valentin was just bobbing there about thirty feet away, looking absolutely unruffled in his fancy black suit. I laboriously made my way over to him and grabbed onto his arm so I wouldn’t float away. He glanced down at me and said, “look.”
I looked. An indeterminable distance away, there was a massive side-on blue spiral, slowly turning counterclockwise, with a black hole in the center. Valentin said, “this is the Cataclysm. It’s the biggest black hole in our arm of the galaxy.” I watched it turn for a minute and then suddenly these big crumbling, molten balls of rock began to tumble past us, into the center of the black hole. They passed right over us but were still so far away that I had no sense of scale. I asked Valentin, “are they meteors?”
He said, “no. They’re planets.”
They’d looked about the size of large boulders, at most. A chill went down my spine at the thought of how big this thing actually was, and I held on tighter to Valentin’s arm. He looked down at me, smiled, and said, “oh, by the way, this is a dream.”
And then I woke up :angry:

That’s my DG! I would really like to stay lucid long enough to actually hold a conversation with him, since I usually wake up right after he tells me I’m dreaming. Based on the few interactions we’ve had, I’d say he’s the sensible part of me that looks before leaping and always knows what to do… which in waking life is pretty small XD. While he is certainly a product of my imagination (why else would he look like David Tennant? :content:), he is also very autonomous and has a personality almost exactly opposite mine: level-headed and patient and just a little bit solemn. I like to think of him as my subconsciously-produced foil, designed to help me in ways I cannot help myself… definitely not a mere “imaginary friend”.
I really want to meet him again… which is one of the reasons I’m posting here, in the hopes that writing about him before I go to bed will bring him to me in my dreams!

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hope i’ve increased your chances

I met my dream guide (I believe she was, though I’m not sure yet) in my first lucid dream. She was a character of mine, a vampire, named Amelia. She’s a mentor to many, so that’s why I figure she was my dream guide. In the story, she’s very loving to those close to her, and protective, sometimes to the point of violence. She triggered my first lucidity. She mentioned something related to dreams, which reminded me to do my reality check, and I had 7 fingers. When I ran outside to the golf course to begin flying, she advised me to calm down and take it slow. I did not, but she was definately someone I should have listened to.

care to tell me other stories about her?

Well, normally I am alone in my dreams, so I don’t always have a dream guide. But sometimes she comes to me in other familiar forms, such as friends I am close to. She’s generally there so I can have someone to be with and talk to. For example, the other night, in the form of my friend Julie, she helped me down a very long staircase that I almost fell off of. Sorry I can’t be of more help!

I’ve had one DILD lucid dream, a couple of nights ago, where I was shown around the place by John F. Kennedy. We were at my school. The previous night, we had watched a US military missile fail to shoot down a plane or missile from Cuba and JFK was upset :eek: It was because of him that I became lucid later on within the dream.

It would be really, really weird, but sort of awesome, if JFK was my dream guide. I can’t really draw any great conclusion from that dream but I have an inkling he might be my DG. :eek:

Well, your DG can actually be who/whatever you want it to be. I basically decided who mine was, and over a very quick period of time that DC began to fit the description of a DG.

I was recently able to attend an online conference on lucid dreaming and got to read a very interesting article. It was basically mentioning how a lot of people don’t think about how when they are in a dream, they are within their own mind. Because of this, it’s hard for some to grasp that any constructs in there can be of their own creation. Unless you are looking for something a tad more paranormal like a spirit guide, your DG can be what you want it to be. In your next LD, simply try asking him to be your guide.

This is also MY belief.

this is my very strange one: i was at an indoor swimming pool when i became lucid and i walked around. I saw a DC and kinda pushed them aside to talk to them. I told them that they were not real. She just looked at me and smiled (she was around 22- and my past responses from telling people that was freaking out) I then asked if she had been here before ( in my dreams ) and she said: I have been here many many times and i take different forms each time. And i feel we will be getting to know eachother soon. I was pretty amazed when she said that. I then said something like “next time im lucid will you find me??” She smiled again and dissapeared. I then continued on with my LD doing different things… I dont know if this is my DG or not but might be

I have not yet found my Dream guide but they are NOT a figure of your imagination and you can prove this yourself without even meeting your dream guide. How? CALD It will develop and prove the power of the mind over matter factor by doing this good luck everybody with your dream guide.

please, tell me more

CALD is created by Talon here : https://community.ld4all.com/t/cald-tutorial/28013

Baiscly i have created a character (nicklebrick), and every time i am lucid and in most ND i see him because he is my awesome friend. So what i posted earlier was about jsut creating something from scratch and making him a dream guide (CALD) and jsut let him form himself, and eventually he will become your DG if you can believe in him enough… just a guess, i have never actually tried it

I have met two or three dream guides so far.

This first one i met, i call him Sebastian because i don’t know his name, Appears to me as a young boy with bright orange/red hair and he always looks about 8-13. He has protected me from Zombies and weird things like that, and has even just hung out with me in my dreams. The only hints about his name i have gotten is that one time in a dream i called him both “T.J” and “R” I have also met his mom but she is blonde.

Another dream guide i have met is one that always appears to me as a gym teacher. It tends to change witch gym teachers it shows up as and has no specific gender (it has been both male and female gym teachers). They seem more like a parent then a friend unlike some of the others. I remember the first time i saw it, it was just sitting there and watching me, making sure i did what i needed to or something. It tends to try to keep me on task and focused.

The last one i am not so sure about. I call her Anónimo. (thats spanish for ‘Anonymous’ i think) I call her that because for the longest time whenever she would appear in a dream, i could not see her face. Normaly that would not have been a big deal cause i can see a lot of peoples faces but it was more noticeable on her and it bugged me. It actually creeped me out and scared me a bit, but in every dream i ever saw her in she was aslwasy a friend to me. The first time i saw her we where riding bikes. In other dreams she came over to my house, i went over to her house and met her family. she even comforted me when i was kidnapped in one dream.
Then in one dream i finally saw her face. I KNOW it was her because i actually called out to her in the dream. i had yelled out “Anónimo! Anónimo! Girl with no face!” (i used to call her ‘Girl with no face’ before i named her Anónimo). Then i went right up to her and looked at her face. She was beautiful. She was pale and had amazing eyes that where colored like purple and blue mixing together. She had a very blank look on her face though and kinda just stared past me. When i was done looking she kinda just walked away and i haven’t seen her since.

So those are the DGs i have met so far and i love every one of them.

I was listening to the Get Lucid podcast, and the guy was talking about how he met this tall dark figure which he believed was his guide, so I became lucid inside my house and remembered this and started running down stairs and asked for my DG to appear, and this old woman came around the corner and it felt in slow motion and I didn’t get to see her face but I was looking at her waist, trying to speak but I couldn’t, she just kept telling me something over and over again: “Are you going to exhibit the angels?”

I woke up after her saying that and I tried to find out what it means but never could. :confused:

Well, by definition a DG is an agent of your SC, but that doesn’t mean that it is a figment of your imagination. My DG can be powerful enough to pull herself together into a presence that I can sense in a certain location relative to myself IWL when she wants to, and she has appeared to me more times when I was awake than when I was asleep. Depending on what I am ready to hear at the time, though, she goes between calling herself my DG and my SG, so I’m not exactly sure what she is, but here goes.

My guide was actually introduced to me by one of my brother’s characters, so it isn’t unlikely that CALD can be a very good technique for cultivating your DG.

For me, one of my brother’s characters introduced a dragon to me, and that dragon introduced her sister, who eventually became my guide after a few years of us barely interacting. Whenever she needs to interact with me she usually appears IWL rather than inside of a dream. In fact, I only remember her being in three dreams.

The first dream, she was being a drama queen. She was supposedly in love with this tiny green dragon, and she was standing on a cliff above the little fellow and ‘swooned’ and fell off the cliff in a sort of ‘catch me’ fashion, and she ended up crushing the poor thing and killing it. Overall, it didn’t surprise me in the least coming from her, given her reputation at the time. (link)

The second time, I was flying along, and I ran into these gorillas, who were talking about a cache of dragon eggs that someone had hidden that no one would find in time to save, and I jumped down at them, and I was worried because of how many of them there were, but my body just reached out and grabbed one of their throats and demanded the location of the cache, and when I looked at my arm, I noticed that it was my guide’s arm instead of my own. It was a huge relief, because I knew that even though I wasn’t in control of the situation she was more than capable of handling it. (link)

The third time, I was at this pool party, and everyone was dying, but towards the end of the dream, IIRC, my guide showed up there in a human guise as my girlfriend, which made me feel a lot better about the dream and redirected an otherwise pointless nightmare into something at least somewhat good.

Those are the few times I remember her being there while I was asleep. As I said, she is there a lot more when I am awake than when I am asleep.

I have only once met my DG. A year or two ago. Even though I know nothing about him, I have a feeling of certainty that he is my DG. I’m still waiting for the next encounter…

I was riding a bike (this was a ND) during the summer through a motorway when I reached a long bridge and decided to stop and enjoy the view. I took off my helmet and leaned my back to my bike to relax. Suddenly a weird guy appeared behind me and I turned to face him. He was wearing a black hat and somewhat official looking uniform. He had some papers and a pencil in hand. Then he said “It’s time for your test”. I don’t remember much of those tests but there were 5-8 of them and all the time that guy was making notes in his papers. After the testing was done the guy looked at his watch on his right arm and said “Ok. That was all but we still have some time left so you can now do what you want.” Suddenly I was totally lucid as if triggered by that sentence. The guy still stood there watching but he didn’t seem to pay much attention. It seemed that it was his duty to be there until time ran out and only then he could go off. I didn’t pay him much attention either as I was exited by my sudden lucidity and quickly thought something awesome to do. I tried flying (of course, almost a cliché) and was soaring over the bridge and enjoying the view. Having maximum fun. Then I woke up…

When being awake I had a sudden feeling I had failed the test and facepalmed right away. I’m still waiting for that next encounter…

Mine’s the “Space Coyote” from the season 8 episode of the simpsons “El viaje misterioso de nuestro Jomer.” He’s easy to find. He’s in a dark alley, sniffing through trash (pleasant,)in a mirror, in space or in a desert. Like in the Simpsons, he’s got the voice of Johnny Cash, a nice voice that suits him. I first met him in a dream right after I watched that episode. I met him in the desert, and told me a lot of stuff. I the simpsons I’m pretty sure he said he’s Homer’s spirit guide so I’m guessing that’s why he appeared as my spirit, dream or whatever guide. Talking to a cartoon animal with the voice of Johnny Cash is fun so I force him to appear every time. :smile:

hahah according to your experiences DG’s seem to appear more often while you’re riding a bike. :spinning: