Dream pain isnt fun

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In dreams, your mind simulates pain. If you’re hit the the groin, your mind will try to duplicate that pain as much as possible to RL. The same goes for pleasure. When you’re in an LD, however, pain is more based on what you expect it to feel like. Let us know if you have any other questions about how to become lucid :content:

I had a dream i got stabbed in the like…shoulder blade area with an arrow…it was just reallly uncomfortable…It didn’t really hurt to bad but it was just annoying

I’ve had that happen too, excpet mine was in the heart. It felt more like an ache than actually being shot, but maybe that’s because your SC doesn’t want to duplicate life threatening pain?

In lucid dreams I feel things like in real life. I can feel the wind around me when flying, the warmth and dryness of a DC’s hand when I shake it. The coolness of water when I dive in it, and also pain. My foot scraped a tree branch when I flew too low and it felt real. I’ve been reading about OBEs and the author is writing about how how much more realistic then LDs they are. Guess he hasn’t been in mine. I am curious to find out though. :pharaoh:

Wow, guys, all these stories are certainly interesting! Isn’t it amazing how every single sense is stimulated in dreams?

I have just woken up from a ND where I was playing basketball with my roommate. When I tried to score a point, he grabbed my neck with one of his arms and would’t let go. I started to asphyxiate! I shouted “Dude, let go! DUDE!” and the feeling was horrible (I still feel the pressure in my neck as I write this). Even worse, my dream roommate didn’t let me do a RC. It was so weird being suffocated by my own friend that I thought “quick, I need a nose RC!!” Never happened, I just could’t move my arms. :razz:

So I guess pain is a very convenient way to gain lucidity, maybe? It almost worked for me!

Ive never felt pain in an LD ive landed on my side from large falls and had no problems, i dont realy remember ever having a dream where i felt pain before that one but it wasnt fun at all. but this has giving me a good idea, i think every time i feel pain RL i will do a RC so then hopefully i can develope the habit of questioning my state when feeling pain.

I’ve had the good fortune to never feel true, real pain in a dream. Whenever something happens that would hurt IRL, I just get this weird, uncomfortable, tingly sensation that a few others in this thread mentioned.

Pain is actually one of my main methods of reality checking. I know it’s cliche, but I actually do pinch myself to see if I’m dreaming. If it hurts, I’m awake. If it doesn’t, it’s time to fly. :wink:

I’ve never felt pain in a dream. Maybe a tiny tickling scratch or bruise but I’m used to those anyway because somehow I always seem to get myself hurt…
I Once had a very interresting dream though, in which I was hiding from a group of armed people, I think they were Nazi’s during WWII. Eventually I did got shot and I died, but I felt no pain, just a incredible feeling that felt as a sort of relief when I left my body, as if I had no weight and was as free as I ever was. It was kinda strange but very interresting cause I’m not even sure what I really believe happens after death.

It still amazes me how our dreams can recreate things so well! Like feeling pain. It sucks… But that’s about the only thing that does.

My idea of pain in an LD is kinda different. My buddy had told me about a time where in a LD he was in the water with a shark (classic). The shark bit him and he described it as “feeling like I[he] broke my[his] arm again.” This leads me to believe that the SC needs something to “reference back to,” pain in this case, for the body to experience it… but then again, i could be totally wrong :razz:

Never really felt dream pain before exactly, maybe a bit but I don’t rembmer.

That dream tells you everything you need to know about pain. The first rule of dreaming is everything requires your attention to exist. Which is why when you forgot about the pain it disappeared.

You only feel pain in dreams if you take the time to focus on your wounds. It has nothing to do with expectations, only where you focus your attention.

I’ve never experienced pain, per se, in dreams. However, I often experience a kind of paralysis in dreams which are tied to lucidity. It usually happens when I am having a nap, so my mind is working better than during night’s sleep, but it’s as if my real physical body (which is under sleep paralysis) is mixing with my dream body so it becomes very sluggish or almost completely paralysed. It causes quite a lot of frustration and anxiety, but I never realise why until waking up. If I could turn it into a dream-sign then I could become lucid and try to regain power of my body.

I guess it depends on the person and the dream. One of the most realistic painful dream i had was when this guy barged into my room with a gun. I turned around to run when I heard a gunshot and at that moment something hard and painful hit the back of my head. The pain was intense yet numbing, like when you go to the dentist and they hit that nerve spot but much more painful. My body when stiff and I fell backwards on my bed while hearing this loud ringing noise. I remember consciously lying there and calmly thinking to myself “Damn, this is it, its over”, Then I woke up…wow. Felt extremely realistic.

I’ve been shot in LD too but I usually stop the bullets with a wave of my hand before they hit me.

Well it prolly just from me enjoying war type video games and what not, i often have gun based dreams this was just the first time i remember gettin shot. side note even when lucid i cannot shoot DCs dunno why no gun has worked for me in a dream lol.

LOL Maybe your SC thought they were on your “team” like how you can’t shoot your teammates in MW2

@Datguyoverdere - Lol its clear enemy DCs i cannot shoot at times. but i do think about military stuff from time to time.

Interesting, I too have experienced pain in dreams ( ND and LD both) but they weren’t serious or anything like some of you described it here ( feeling it all day for example).

Just a few nights ago I had jumped to my death from a balcony and I could feel the impact in my head and back but it wasn’t exactly painful more like uncomfortable. Before that I was shot with arrows and that felt like needles stuck in my back so pretty far from the real deal too.

In LDs, well I once cut my palm with a knife to see what happens and it didn’t hurt either all I felt was some tingling warmth. It was bleeding though.
Altough cutting your limbs off with a saw or something … :happy:
Gotta try that one.

DREAM EMO :eek: lol

I remember a very painful dream where i was thrown out of a two storey window :eek: but i was thrown by a very powerful force so i was at least 50 feet away from the window when i hit the ground :bored: .

I landed on tarmac in the middle of the road and had all the loose bits of tarmac embedded in my hands and face, it felt exactly the same just like when you fall over in the playground at primary school and you grazed your knee, but on a much larger scale! :thud:

Im cringing at the remembrance! :wam: