Dreaming about lucid dreaming while not in fact possible?

I have tried a lot , 4-5 years ago to get lucid.
Except 2 times, all the rest didnt last much longer than 5-6seconds due to excitement.So i kinda gave up for yrs. Last 2 weeks i am trying again to become lucid.

Trying to wild during a noon nap , i kinda fell asleep.
Then i had this dream where the first thing i remember is realising im dreaming and
saying to myself dont get excited , dont get excited. Then dream went on , after i woke up checked the time , slept for less than 30mins, dream felt like 3-5mins long.

The weird thing is it wasnt vivid at all, nothing compared to my first 2 ld’s some years ago. Is it possible that i dreamt i were lucid dreaming while i actually wasn’t ?

If you ACTUALLY realised you were dreaming then it was a LD.

LDs can vary in their vividness.

Oh and welcome back.