Dreaming about Lucid Dreaming?


I’ve been trying for over a year now to achieve an LD, and I think I had my first partial success last night. It was interesting, though, because, at some point in my dream - actually, strangely enough, at the point where my dream had finally become possible IRL, I thought to myself, “This must be a dream…”

Sure enough, when I looked at my watch a couple of times, the number changed, and I realized that I was, in fact, dreaming. The odd thing about this, though, is that, though I proclaimed to myself “This is a lucid dream! Finally!” and decided to test it out, what I did was not something I consciously would have chosen to do - I tried to fly backward with my back hovering just above the ground the grass could brush against it.

It was only moments later that my vision almost seemed to catch on fire and burn from the center outward, as one might imagine a photo that was set on fire. I think I had a false awakening here, but I’m not entirely sure, because, while I didn’t wake up, the dream came to a definite end, and the last thing I remember was thinking I was awake.

I can see why the dream would end, if not for my being excited over being lucid, then for the fact that the dream had already lasted over an hour by this time. However, I’m not satisfied that I was, in fact, lucid, as flying upside down and backward isn’t exactly what I had in mind to test the dream with. Has anyone else ever experienced “dreaming about lucid dreaming?” Or was I, in fact, lucid, just not for long enough to take complete control of my dream?

Just an interesting story, I guess. Hopefully this will be enough to spark a little more in the lucid dreaming business in the future.

Congrats on your first Lucid Dream!
It sounds like a false awakening to me, Start doing a RC every time you wake up. I know I need to.

I hate false awakenings - -

Yes Keegster you were lucid. :content:
It was a low level of lucidity, but that is normal for a first LD. In time that will get better.
When you have a low level of lucidity, your mind is not working compleatly. The higher your lucidity level, the better your mind is working. Next time you might try one of the methods to increase lucidity like shouting “increase lucidity”, or taking a lucidity pill (a pill that you create in your dream to increase lucidity) or drinking a lucid cola.

Well, I was going to try what you said last night, but, last night was a no-dreamer. At least, a no-remembered-dreamer. I couldn’t get to sleep until about 5:30 AM, so when I did, I slept far too deeply to remember any of my dreams. I guess I’ll have to try again tonight.