dreaming is so hard....

i know i dream, but i just can not remember then easily.
Some days i can remember just little sections of dreams, then others i cant remember anything. I have a DJ but it only has like one sentence dreams because that is all i can remember. The parts i remember are the parts when i just wake up…
i want to LD but i cant even remember my dreams properly. If i do remember a dream the picture doesnt seam that clear, if you know what i mean.
How does everyone else do it?
im being patient but i dont seam to be getting any better at remembering…

my dream recall isn’t that bad. but i have a solution for you. whenever you usually wake up, set your alarm to wake up about an hour before that time. this will cause you to wake up in the middle of your dream and you will have excelant recall. when you wake up, just lay still and go over the dream in your head, then move and write it down in your DD asap. hope that helps :smile:

Exidez put a bowl with 10 table spoons of grounded coffee powder in your room, close the windows and door. Of course it can also be a bit less like 7 a 8 table spoons. Put the bowl next to your bed.

The smell is picked up bye a special brain part for smelling that works perfectly in your rem sleep.
It makes your sleep a bit lighter but u can remember dreams better.

Try it!

thanxs for your help…
i will try what you guys recommended

Wow bendrummin that was great! taking a glass of warm milk before bed and wakeing up a hour earlyer, I remembered both of my dreams last night :grin:

none lucid though :neutral:

it will come in time

WhiteWolf…ive been saying this to a lot of people :razz: Read this topic about the Hand Method if you already have not…

[Castaneda's technique : looking at your hands)

It’s gotten me lucid dreams every time I use it and i was just on a dry spell. It sets your intention to focus on one object and make yourself lucid in a dream. you should look in to it :smile:

Hey this also worked for me!
i rememberd my last dream and remembered bits of my first dream vaugely…
it seamed like a movie (it had music and everything) and all the movie techniques.

it wasnt lucid thouch
i will read what bendrummin58 just posted

i love sleeping :wink:

i love sleeping too! what gets me through the day is thinking of lucid dreaming in my sleep. i always get in a good mood thinking about it :smile:

Oh, that coffee method sounds really good. I always do something close to that techinique, like listening to calm music or thinking about something right before I fall asleep.

Hmm if my WILD does not work out for me then I will have to look into it :wink:

And GJ exidez! Just keep using that until you can remember your dreams and write paragraphs about it. I’ve been using some of the methods found on this site and within 3 days I went from pharagraphs to pages of pharagraphs! Keep at it bro :wink: what I noticed what helps with the first dream is after you wake up in the middle of the night (if you do) write it down I know it is hard to get up but I did that last night and got a few more signs to look out for when going lucid. And it gives you a chance for WBTB

WhiteWolf…i highly recommend using the hand tech if WILD hasnt succeeded in the past. you should do this tech and build up to WILD.

One sure fire way for me to get really good dreams is one alot of people are most likely against. But if you smoke a small amount of Pot 1 1/2 hours before you go to bed you will have a very easy time remembering your dreams.

But if you over do it you will reach a deep sleep and then it will be hard enough to just wake up in the morning.


Glad to hear your dry spell is over. :clap:

Happy Dreaming. :grin: