Dreaming of Memories

All right, I just realised how many times I’ve actually mentioned this in my other posts, and thought I may as well make a topic for it.

When I was younger, the only reason I wanted to learn to be lucid in dreams was for escapism, I didn’t much care for this world, everyday the same boring experience, I looked around and saw nothing but cruelty and hopelessness, I wanted to LD during the night, as a means to keep me sane, to escape into my own world for a few hours each night so that I could more easily face the one I saw every morning.
I’m not really sure what brought about the change, maybe it was just inevitable maturity that came with being here for a whole 15 years, I don’t know… But what I do know is that I no longer count my LD’s prior to that enlightenment as true LD’s as they were nothing more than a way for me to escape my reality. They didn’t help me improve my waking life in any way at all, to the contrary, they actually further distanced me from it and made things worse. I eventually relised this and stopped LDing/dreaming all together and worked to improve my waking life, but as time went on, I began to crave the dream world again, only this time, for a very different reason, which I promise I’m getting to. :tongue: But before I do, I urge all the young dreamers on this forum who may or may not be going down the same path as I was/am, reevaluate your reasons for dreaming. LDing is a wonderful thing that can really improve your life, but used incorrectly or for the wrong reasons and it can make what looks bad now, a whole lot worse. LDing can become a terribly addicting drug if you use it improperly, and like any drug, it will send your life into a spiraling chaos.

So, with that ugly mess out of the way, the true topic is…
“What am I?” “Who am I?” “Why do I exist?”
Such questions have been asked by man since the beginning of time, I believe LDing holds the answer to these questions and since at this point I’ve essentially become a Lucid Vegetable, I want you to help me answer them.

I believe that through LDing, it is possible to locate the area of your SC that houses your memories and actually be able to look inside and see all of your memories going back all the way to your birth, (or maybe even further?) I believe that by doing this, you can learn everything there is to know about yourself and finally be able to answer the question of who you really are.

I would very much appreciate it if anyone who reads this topic and happens to be currently active within the dream world, would try this and post how you did it, what you saw, what you learned (hopefully something), and your opinion of whether or not it’s worth it.
Thank you in advance, and happy hunting! :content:

TO MODS: I wasn’t certain if this should go in the Lab area or here, but I ended up choosing the General Lucidness forum because of the little life story at the beginning, but I’m still not certain… Do what you will with it.

Reno :smile: This topic could be easily moved to Adventures, but I decided to keep it here for the time being. In Adventures, it would become a “fishing memories” project; now here in GL, it could be a “lucid dreaming and memories” project. The difference? The former is a personal journey, an immersive quest so to speak, whilst the later is a group experiment, so that we can all learn from each other, share ideas and variations and see if we come up with a new technique or concept or something. Let me know if you want it moved to Adventures, though.

At any rate, I’m joining it. :smile:

Thanks Bruno, I’d like to keep it here for now as from your descriptions, the latter is what I’d want this to become; and thanks for joining as well! :ok:

Anyone else? :happy:

Hm, a very interesting thread Reno. I think your little life story at the beginning was very appropriate and actually kind of motivating. I havent been doing much in the dream world as of recently but Im starting it up again and I think Ill move this project up to the top of my to do list once I get lucid. Ill tell you how it goes :cool:

There is an old quest in lucid adventures that is very similar to this …
LD4all Quest #4: Resonant Moon: Finding Lost Memories

[mod]I remember it, that’s why I wanted to keep this topic in here — because we already have a “personal journey” memory quest, so I thought here we could try a “group journey” memory project. :bruno:[/mod]

meditation causes memories to sweep by because we are focused upon one object such as the breath or mantra, and the thoughts in the mind become quiescent enough to bring subconscious material to the conscious mind

this will be more helpful to find EXACTLY what you are seeking than lucid dreaming because in a lucid dream we are generally an unruly fantasy mind, running about doing this and that

and to sit in a lucid dream and focus upon one thing, can be useful, i wish to experiment with this for the exact reasons you do, however it seems as if it would be tricky to do this, and it would be easier to relive memories through meditation

***actually i just remembered a powerful thing to do is just to go for a lucid walk, and then in so walking, take a look at where you wind up

i have found myself in strange memory like past life situations yes definitely