Dreaming of People You Haven't Met

Has anyone had recurring characters in dreams that you have never met?

There is one specific girl that I will occasionally dream of on a semi-regular basis who I’ve never crossed paths with. When I wake up, I’m left with an “in-love” sort of feeling that some of you have described in a previous post. The odd thing about these dreams, are that this feeling only comes about with that specific girl. Even though I can’t remember any identifying details about her, such as appearance, name, etc. I always know when it occurs, as if my dreaming mind has access to that information, while I do not.

That is interesting! I don’t think this has happened to me, or at least I haven’t recognized if it did. It would be really awesome to find her in an LD and ask her some questions! I would be really intrigued to hear the responses! :happy:

When I have a lucid dream, I’ll make it a point to explore that. I’ll make sure to let you know on here or on my dream journal.

I have a few DC’s that appear in my dreams who don’t exist in waking life. One interesting DC was a girl named “Pepper”, who has only appeared in one dream so far. I also have a reoccurring DC named “Lain” who is like a dreamworld girlfriend. I’ve only really had any vivid interaction with her once, though. In other dreams we’re usually just hanging out or communicating on a less verbal level. I’ve never met any unique DC’s while lucid. Actually, now that I think of it, I’ve never met any DC’s while lucid…

Do people often meet DC’s in lucid dreams, or are they typically ignored? I’ve heard others say that it’s great to carry on a conversation with them. It’s definitely something I’m interested in trying though. Does anyone have any links to interesting stories of conversations with DC’s?

You should check out the Testing the realness of DCs topics in lucid lab.
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There is also Whose DCs have said the strangest things? Part II in the stuff forum :smile:

I have a recurring DC who I have to thank for getting me serious about LDing. She’s showed up in a few LDs (and one NLD), but usually only when I seek her out. :razz:

I have had a few people I know exsist somewhere that re occur in my dreams from time to time. If I have never seen them they seem blurred, but their clothing usually stands out, I usually have some love and fear mixed in to the dream with them present, and often, they share gifts, and vice versa. thats why i like the gift sharing aspect of dreams,
One time, I met someone in a dream i met on a forum, he stumbled onto me in a back alley, and intuitively, and gave him a cleaning key, it was bizzare, as i stood there and he looked at the key, and i woke up.
the the same guy, a few weeks later, i bumped into and he gave me a blank piece of papaer, i woke up and wondered what that was all about…
then, a few weeks after that the same guy made an appearance, only in spirit, and told me it meant that i needed to have to quiten my mind to develop superpowers!
ha! i thought it was pretty funny, and true!

but the best one to date was one DC gave me a lemsip and the day after i caught a bloody cold. WTF??

what came first the chicken or the egg lol