Dreams seem so vivid/real. help please?.

Hi Forum

I wasn’t sure where to post this, so I apologize if I have posted in the wrong section, I’ve been interested in Lucid Dreaming for quite some time, however I have yet to experience controlling my dreams. But here is the thing that is really annoying me, and is starting to make me question reality.

Over the past few months, I have been experiencing these type of dreams, which are clear as day, and so vivid, like I’m actually their, it is only when I wake up that is when I realized it was a dream. But they’ve been getting stronger lately, and it’s starting to annoy me, because sometimes I’ll know I’m dreaming but can’t control it.

And I’m waking up every day questioning if me being awake now is real or still dreaming… I can also remember my dreams without having to recall anything.

Can anyone help with what’s going on?. Is this a good or bad thing?.

I used to enjoy going to sleep waking up and remembering a dream,
but now they are just so intense and they seem so real.

Sorry for rambling on, Hope someone can help me out here.

I see it as a good thing really :razz:, since it’s making you pay more attention to your surroundings. It doesn’t seem like you’re very happy about it thou, isn’t your dreams more exciting that way? You also said sometimes you know you are dreaming but can’t control it, you were probably in low lucidity, perform RCs to help you remember that you are in control at that realm.

I’m not really sure of why it’s happening to you, but I think it probably has to do with your sudden interest in dreams, and the eagerness you have before sleep (hormonal). Also different foods can affect your dreams in many ways. So you might want to look into the things you’ve been eating, if there were any foods you’ve introduced, or if you changed up your diet in any way.

Keep on performing those RCs throughtout the day consciously, and soon it’ll seep through into your dreams. :content:

Thanks for the reply, my friend.

The only reason why I’m unhappy with it, is because I am unable to control, yet I know I’m dreaming. I remember a scene from my dream last night, I table spoon began to float in mid air, and I remember pointing at it asking people if they’d seen it, then as I moved my hand the spoon flew across the room and vanished.

I agree that it should be exciting and it is, I’ve always been interested in the subject. I shall take your advice though and constantly check my RC and food stuff. What would you consider being the best RC?. A few friends suggested looking at a watch or clock etc, but does that have the best performance?

great dream recall + vivid dreams + frequent questioning of reality = a big headstart for you into lucid dreaming
Congratulations! :content:
About RCs: looking at your hands is probably the most common one, count your fingers, they might be more or less than 10

The most effective however is probably this one: try to breath through your nose while you close it with your fingers. If you can breath it is definitely a dream.

About control, I’m sadly not very good at it either, but a tip I can give you is to “just do it”.
Want to throw a fireball from your hands? Don’t think too much about it, just throw it.
And this tutorial: [Dream Control Training Course)

They’re all the same as they function to prove whether you are awake or not. We have a few popular ones, holding your nose trying to breathe (can breathe in dreams), looking at your hands (should be deformed in dreams), sticking your finger through the palm, reading a text and looking away and back (text should change) etc…

You could even make your own RCs, like totems if you seen inception. I made a coin with a smily face and whilst flipping the face should change. Tested it out in an LD and it worked, but mimicking my expressions lol. Another member would try to trace things in the air and it worked for her.

Be sure to have at least 2 RCs since sometimes the first might not work so well, so you’d need a backup. I chose the hand RC and like it a lot, always counting my fingers to find more than 5. The reason I chose it was because it did not look so foolish, sometimes you’d have to perform these in the public, it might draw a lot of attention with something like holding your nose. So take that in consideration.

Now the most important piece of advice I could give you is the way you perform these RC. Most people do not do it correctly at all. You must actually be conscious while performing these RC. You must actually stop and think whether you are actually dreaming and perform the RC intended to find out. Most people do their RCs mindlessly, doing them for the sake of it, to have an LD. If you’re doing these RCs mindlessly then you’ll just dream of yourself performing these RC and even if they work you won’t become lucid.